2014 - Which states will legalize marijuana next ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by gram of weed, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. I wish ohio

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  2. Oregon! they have lots of good growers and glass blowers! :)
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    Florida here, its a toss up to be honest. Polls are up and down but what concerns me the most is the lack of amendment 2 commercials. The opposition is drilling it into the seniors that the ballot has to many loopholes and coming up with extreme circumstances like it will be used for date rape.

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  4. I heard somewhere today that a new commercial push for 2 is about to start in the next few days....
    I'll try to find out where I heard about it....
  5. None. Theyre all losing in the polls.
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    Oregon hasn't lost any poll. 
    I can only find one poll from measure 80, done in September of 2012. 37% were in favor, 41 opposed, and 22% undecided. 

    Compare that to this years polls 
    Every one done is in favor. 
  7. Your a oregoner I thought you were a Washingtonion. Hmm I am not that far from you lol.

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  8. I hope this is true because these opposition ads are pissing me off with the brainwashing methods
    Im close to both but am in Washington. Its not far, I could walk an hour and be in Oregon.
  10. Alabama? Anyone?
    Please??? :unsure:
  11. My understanding is this.
    Looks like the next states will be: 
    All could take place THIS year. 
  12. Please be jersey please be jersey please be jersey
  13. I know its unlikely and we'll probably be the last state to do it but heres to hoping South Carolina makes it on the list before I hit 50(32).
  14. California, washington, colorado and michigan will be next.
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    Im from Palm Beach county FL and I would say that everyone knows someone who smokes weed or smokes weed themselves. The only people that are really against over here are the older people who live more traditionally. But that goes without saying that FL has the highest percentage of old fucks in the entire country. Im still not worried though, I beileve its gonna pass. 
  16. Missouri will be one of the next if we get rid of Jay Nixon. He shot the idea down back in February saying the matter was not any of our concern right now and we wont benefit from it talking about the state as a whole. Then he legalized CBD oil for seizure patients but only for the patients that have tried at least 2 other prescription medications that dont work. To me that is such a waste of time, but at least those patients are getting treatment they need. Good thing mid-terms are right around the corner and im 18 now  :smoke:
  17. I bet Texas will be one of the last states to legalize because of the whole border/Mexican cartel/Drug smuggling thing we got goin on.
    And I like how the article in the original post was written poorly but the author wants to say something about a law being defeated because it was written poorly lol. Kind of amusing :p
  18. Dude. It better friggin be legal soon in all of America!!!!
    Remember prohibition? It still dosent work!!!!!! Haha

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  19. I'm from Florida. It's going to be quite interesting to see how this goes...

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