2014 Outdoor Grow

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  1. Hey guys! I'm currently planning an outdoor grow from the Summer of 2014.

    I'm going to use a few 55 gallon barrels and some trash bags as pots. This is a guerrilla grow. It's going to be in the woods and a few old logging trails that have great sun.

    I've got a base soil, I'm planning on adding amendments and organic teas to the soil so I don't have to fertilize as much.

    I'm going to use a few clones along with a few seeds(bagseed).

    I plan on starting it between 4/20 - May 1st.

    Let's go! Any advice or tips that could help me have great success in my outdoor garden? I'm better at indoor I believe.
  2. Sound like a lot of work.
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    make sure you havr some cages. Btw do you plan on carrying thise 55 gallon barrles lol? Might be better if you plant it in thw ground
  4. Gonna leave them empty till I get the dirt into them. No plans on moving them.

    Last year I planted in the ground and It didn't turn out well.

  5. Purchase some books and read about growing outdoors and gorilla. Dig big and deep holes and replace the soil with what you bring or mix. The authors I recommend are Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rothensal. Both are experts at growing and are well known in the industries. The money spent is well worth it with the improved results you will have.
  6. I understand the barrels but that's not necessary , you biggest danger is being found by humans ("
    whats that barrel doing there?") And the deer who will eat yer shit for lunch.
  7. I have read a few books on Indoor growing but not much of outdoors.
    I'm camouflaging my buckets/barrels/trashbags with camo netting I have plus spray painting + my area where I'm using is not used for walking or hunting around in. Nobody has used it for 10 years now.

    Deer can be scared away, and piss helps. I'm thinking about cages now....
  8. I give up on remote outdoor grows, the deer get more of it than I did, I even planted purple kush last time out.
  9. I can always break out the old rifle and shoot me some.

    Or put a feeder for deer out far from my grow...

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