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  1. Round here we have loads of threads for all sorts of obscure genres.
    What about us bros who like to listen to all sorts a shiz?
    ITT we discuss general music in 2014, independent, lamestream who gives a fuck as long as it's dope.
    I'll update with shit I been digging and feel free to yourself.

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    If you're a hip hop fan and TDE fan, Kendrick, Jay Rock, Absoul and Q are scheduled to release albums this year. Someone told me today that OutKast started touring again too.
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    Some artist too look up:
    Slightly Stoopid
    Stick Figure
    The Dirty Heads
    The Expendables
    The Green
    Current Swell
    Pacific Dub
    Skillin Jah
    10ft. Ganja Plant

    -Chill Ones-
    Frank Ocean
    The XX
    Miike Snow
    Tahiti 80
  4. Currensy is going to release the mixtape drive in theatre soon
    king los to release zero gravity 2 mixtape soon
    Chief keef to release bang part 3 in march
    Kanye to release 8 track album of songs that didn't make yeezus cut and is supposedly "almost done" 
    Freddie Gibbs album with madlib production - Cocaine Pinata - is gonna be released in february 
  5. Really keen for the new Real Estate album:
    that's the first single, keepin those chill acoustic vibes that permeate all over the classic Days.
  6. Don't know if anyones am indie/grunge rocker around here but if so Built to Spill is an older but quite amazing band, plus Silver Jews got some really good stuff, check out Blue Arrangements, it's a really dope song. Plu, you gotta love some Modest Mouse.
  7. Check out King Krule - Easy Easy

    King Krule's whole new album- 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is awesome. Im pretty sure he would appeal to mostly any stoner. Enjoy!

    For more chill tracks follow on soundcloud @fiireeye i follow back:)


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