2014 Appalachian Trail

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  1. Anyone leaving around March for the Trail? I'm sure I will meet pot smokers on the trail but what if I don't :eek: I am starting in Georgia and bringing about an O  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  

  2. I am doing some section hiking this spring in Maine.  You will meet smokers.  Are you planning on a through hike?  
  3. Also, read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson if you never have.   Its funny and informative, promise.
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    Oh, don't worry about it, you definitely will.
    I'm thinking about traveling part of the trail this spring once all this damn snow finally melts, although I'll be staying within my own state and blazing on the trail as much as possible. 
    heheheh...trailblazing :smoke:
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    OP you doing the whole trail?
    Great book.  IDK if reading it will encourage him though.  haha.
    Check out his other books, they are all very entertaining.
  7. The trail is ten or twenty steps off from my house. If you look at the tn/nc/va border, that one spot where they all meet, is where I live.
    Let me know when you think you'll pass by that area. Will meet you on the trail to smoke
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    Don't know if it's anywhere near the trail, but my grampa owns a few hundred acres in the Appalachian mountains near fancy gap nc/va, mt. Airy I believe? I've always wanted to go explore his land...
  9. I live within a stones throw from the halfway point. In boiling springs pa you can walk to the post office and grocery store or find a ride need be.

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