2013: Whatch ya doin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Meganthratalica, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. What did you guys do for your first day of 2013? Right now, I'm throwin down some shots and beers with my friend. We finished off the last of my bud like a couple hours ago. What about you GC?
  2. gettin my son to sleep and watchin "coming to america"

  3. Working on some music rippin one hitters.
    and playin pokemon for inspiration.
  4. We're playin zombies on black ops now. Idk, my friends pretty drunk and he keeps mentioning he want to commit suicide. Idk what to do he seems serious. But I'm drunk too.
  5. I got too baked after work, i wanted to play farcry 3 but i have to sit here for another 20 minutes or ill be like wuuuuuuut the fuck
  6. Hahaha that games the shit
  7. Getting My GED
    Getting a volunteering occupation
    Meet more friends
    Enjoy Life

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