2013 UKs Outdoor Guerilla Grows - Epic-Adventures...

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    Well i think all uk outdoor growers for this years season, should all invite yourselves to this thread, i believe we can all help each other out and get successful grows at the end of it:D

    Please join in:wave: :hello: :smoking:

    I will PM most of you new uk guys/girls and our old 2012 uk peeps about this thread:bongin: :bolt:
    Big group to be whoop whoop!!
    This will help with "whom" might have the biggest yields lol:p

    My updates_
    Update 7th November_
    Updates on what's going on in my neck of the woods... :p
    Got to the end but Plot 5 got ripped mofos.

    Been a great season so much better than last years season that's fosho :metal:
    Thanks to all the peeps that's helped me out, you know who you are :hello:
    2013 i done it :bongin:
    2014 gonna blow it :smoking:
    SpikeWeed :smoking:
  2. 5213'N here man, you know this thread will have my support! Greenhousing only this year I think, unless I can find a decent spot to guerilla as well.
  3. Greenhouse is ok but not fair lol:p:p:p joke, all is welcome...

    I think i sent like 15pm's out haha found a lot of uk peeps;)

    Should be an epic journey..

    My lat sucks haha:D
  4. I'm up for this guys
    Got 2 auto diesels and 3 other regulars :D
    Latitude is about 50
  5. Alright boys its show time!!!!

    Time to show the world what the UK outdoors is all about !!!

    And it aint criminal its Gardening!!!! :D :devious:

    Cant wait to see what your all about UK OUTDOOR growers!!

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    Is your lat N/W/E?

    I'm still deciding on the strains i have to drop a few due to money. I want all fems no regs for me though part from the 25bag seeds i have lol:D oh and welcome, i hope we can help each other out when strucked with bad luck:cool:

    I'll get my seed list and soil mixes up soon.
    I'm going Organic though this time round.:devious:

    whats your lat bishop?

    Haha gardening it truly is bishop

    I'll be defo getting something in the end i know that fosho! just needed to go in ground and get the right strains and going organic helps

    I'll be starting in March ya'll with bagseeds first
  7. 51.5171 N, 0.1062 W Here ! any other london baseds ? probably going to be growing ;
    Purple bud - reg x2
    Early Durban – Regular x2
    Ata Tundra - Regular\tx2
    Northern Lights – Regular x2
    White Widow – Regular x2
    Royal Thai – Regular x2
    Malawi Gold – Regular x2
    KC36 – Regular x2
    Northern Light Special - Regular\tx2
    Mango – Regular x2
    C99- fem X2
    purple maroc - fem x1
  8. Nice selection... i wont be growing that many strains, we'll have to see what they turn out like...

    You growing in ground or pot? whats your soil mixes? you feeding fertilizers for veg/flowering?

    this should be a blast!!:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Cheers bro.. when is growing time for you? I'm germinating outdoors for the first time, so hence why i'm starting with bagseeds first haha.
  9. I'm probably only doing autos this year because I'm off to university in September, wont be able to grow any photos this year :(

    What I'm trying to find right now is an kush autoflower but I'm not having much luck finding a decent one. I really would have liked to get the reserva privada OG kush going but I'm pretty sure I'll be at uni by then.

  10. going for a shitload of strains so I get the lowdown on whats good and whats shit for london and maybe if I get 2 ounces from each I'll still be able to buy sooooo many seeds and better kit for the next (2014) grow and have a shitload of weed , hash and edibles :D, gonna be growing in ground after the seedlings get started , gonna be using just whats in the area (quite dense claggy shitty soil) mixed with as much john innes multi purpose compost as I can get probably with some vermiculite and coco coir mixed in , going to be using some ferts not sure what though yet probably just some liquid tomato feed every few weeks in the veg and then no ferts in flowering and then ghetto flush them when they get chopped , anyone else going to be drying outside ? :hello::hello:

  11. I'm going to germing outside too
    probabaly my regulars late march and my autos early april
    going away for a week in august so got to set up some drip system or something haha
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    I would grab some canna coco worm castings and perlite for ya seedling stage and buy a green greenhouse really small to keep babies warm and dry. I'm drying at home so all will be good for me.

    Man don't forget the Met office says 2012 weather will be more frequent so i reckon this year it will rain still, Britain rains like every few days in my area:rolleyes:

    I'm buying a 3ft greenhouse to place in a bush for the seedlings so should be warm and dry for em

    Soil mix will be
    Seedlings - 40% Canna Coco, 20% Worm Castings & 40% Perlite in around 5inch pots prob like a litre.

    My holes in ground for veg/flowering will be 2ft wide and 20inches deep.
  13. Yeah you have a good point about the weather :( , Good idea I've seen those little greenhouses for like £14 online maybe thats a good option and then spray the cover black for drying it all
  14. Gonna grab mine from shade of green the garden center;)

    Hence why i'm getting strains that will grow in our wet climate, any exotic strain that need lots of sun and hot temps will grow shite in our climate and even if it did make it to flowering it'll be attacked by mold.
  15. greenhouse would be good, I'm growing in quite a high risk area so that would draw alotof attention ahha
  16. You can get mini greenhouses and green so they match the background, i'm even buying that camo stuff to chuck over the bush lots of holes in it to allow light through plus it makes it more stealthy looking ;) purple maroc could be 1 strain i'll be getting prob a pack of 5 fems need to get another strain hmmmm Early Skunk or Himalayan gold or Early Durban.
  17. I'm going for a super stealth grow, all my plants are going to be growing up trees in 20 litre buckets
    Could also integrate a water tank with a drip pipe maybe?
    just bought some green spray paint for the buckets aha
  18. Liking that idea:D whatever you do don't fall off the tree and ring 999 for air ambulance hahaha be careful ;)
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    Done some more research and for my liking i'm going for.

    All females.
    KC Brains Mango
    Purple Maroc
    Big Bang 2

    I had grown the big bang auto was good but got nicked 2wks in flowering. Big bang 2 phototype should grow very good in the northern climate.

    Also my 25bag seeds which some are a cross of skunk and something else and northern lights.

    This shall do and don't forget my 5 Big Buddha Cheese Automatics

    So 45 plants in total. I'll be planting all KC,Purple Maroc and big bang 2 seeds total of 15 prob only put 3 of each strain in ground the best 1's so 9 in total their and prob place all 5 autos in ground and 25 bags seeds are going in 4 pots 6 in each prob loose loads to failure and males

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