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  1. Hey since my 2012 grow was quite possibly the worst grow ever :hide: I'm going to give 2013 a proper go :metal: here's my strains for the year ;

    Purple bud - reg x2
    Early Durban – Regular x2
    Ata Tundra - Regular\tx2
    Northern Lights – Regular x2
    White Widow – Regular x2
    Royal Thai – Regular x2
    Malawi Gold – Regular x2
    KC36 – Regular x2
    Northern Light Special - Regular\tx2
    Mango – Regular x2
    purple maroc - fem x1
    Comes to £32 quid for 20 reg and 1 fem seed together does that sound reasonable ? , do the strains seem ok ? some of them such as the ATA tundra I know should do well but some like the malawi gold are just randoms for the hell of it , are there any that I shouldn't even consider?:confused: would I be better off doing one of each and doing like twice as many strains I'm more into the diffrent strains than the quantity :smoking:
  2. Use feminized seeds if you don't clone the regs. You don't need so many imo, 3 or 4 with different effect is enough.

    female seeds
    cali connection
    reserva privada
    dna genetics
    reggae seeds
    barney's farm

  3. well maybe I'd end up with 10 fems from all the reg seeds working around a 50/50 ratio and one guaranteed from the purple maroc ? so thats 11 plants maybe If I've got space outside should I just grow them all ?
  4. Your math is right, but do you really want to spend the entire season taking care of 10 males? Fem seeds are a god send for Gurilla growers. You don't want to break your back digging extra holes and watering extra plants, not to mention the soil and nutes you will need to take care of them. And having more plants puts you at more risk for getting caught. When it comes to Gurilla grows, trust what Corto says. He has been doing this pretty well for a few years and has a lot of knowledge to share.
  5. You have a really good point , never really thought about the extra soil,nutes and digging :eek: , size isn't really a issue though are there any strains that would grow really really big like 9ft plus?
  6. Yeah lots of strains will. They will only grow to their max with lots of sun, good soil, and adequate water.

    Haze strains tend to get quite tall. My Lemon Trainwrwck and Blue Dreams were both haze crosses and very tall. C99 is an easy strain to grow, tougher than hazes IMO, and gets nice and tall too.

    I haven't grown Cali Mist yet, but it's also a tall strain. But tall strains need staked up extra well of they well blow over and snap limbs left and right. Out of the strains I mentioned, C99 is probably the toughest. She will bend but doesn't snap easily. She's really a great tough sativa strain. I recommend her to anyone. New growers looking for an easy strain or old growers looking for a great strain.
  7. thanks mjmama just saw your c99 grow looks absolutly prime that's going to be in my garden next year :D

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