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2013 uk guerilla grow updat

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by virgin farmer, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So after some advice Iv slightly changed the way I'm going to be doing things now I'm going to have 3 grow sites guerilla style in the uk West Sussex. They are going to be in sets of five so 15 all together feminised seeds. So far Iv got holland hope and passion #1 as Iv been told its 0-8 weeks flowering and as this is my first time want to keep it is as risk free as possible lol. Im going to germinate my seeds in plates and tissue So there first site I'm going to dig 5 holes 3x3 spread quite far apart and I'm going to fill the holes with 1 inch gravel and then organic soil and these five will be transplanted from pot and fed a normal veg fertiliser until July when I will start to feed flowering fertiser then stop 2. Weeks before harvest. The other 2 sites are going to be the same but different location I'm going to germinate my seeds in plate and tissue then when rootlet pops out going to plant straight into there permanent homes which is 5 gallon pots filled 1 and half inches of gravel at bottom and organic soil then put straight into my guerilla locations and wait until they sprout then start to feed with fertiliser every 3 weeks and just good ph balanced water in between until changing feed over for flowering then stopping 2 weeks before harvest. I've never grown anything in my life this forum and books has helped my come up with this plan I really would like a indivualised opion on weather this is a good approach for a beginner ? I was going to bio bizz for veg and flowering but been told that's for long flowering periods ? So need to know what feeds to use throughout my grow and just what mistakes Iv made already before I started lol? I need to know of some good strains for UK CLIMATE and quick flowering 0-8 not autos though as yield will be to small PLEASE ADVICE WILL be much appreciated.. I will definitely be doing FULL grow journal of pictures and description from day 1 till harvest and even the effect lol...
  2. So far my guerilla grows have been heart breaking failures but next spring will be my third attempt and i plan to document everything i do on GC -

    I still havent given up hope that i can grow bud outside in the yorkshire dales -

    The plants has always dies from some kind of sudden enviromental changes that i hadn't accounted for - like a massive infestation of miniture beetles or flooding for example - rather than the plants being unable to grow well on an average day.

    This gives me hope
  3. Not really what I wanted I hear lol lol lol... Unlucky mate this will be first have you thought of using a pot so you can move them when necessary ? I'm doin half mine in the ground and half in pots spaced over 3 sites goin to dig 3x3 holes fill organic mix and 1inch gravel at the bottom same in the pots. Think I'm going for holland hope passion #1 and big budda blue cheese
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    fake attitude seedbank page, talking about variety in a pack but not referring to any specific strains, a bunch of shit talk and no information that sounds trustworthy at all... sounds to me like some random hermy offspring at a WAY too high price, theres no way Id buy that shit!

    try a proper seedbank (attitude, nirvana etc. - check out reviews) and a proper breeder that has information about the strain lineage and truly distinct characteristics. Id always stick to strains that have good reviews in online forums.

    what you want is first of all a strain that flowers as fast as possible (doesnt have to be autoflowering, just a short flowering period!), which makes a harvest between september 15th and october 15th possible, before the really shitty weather kicks in to ruin your weed with mold. good outdoor strains are also bred to have strong stalks that dont break under the weight of the buds or in strong wind, do better in cold weather and have slightly fluffier buds to prevent mold. usually strains that grow best in cold outdoor conditions are rather disappointing if grown indoors as they arent bred to produce the maximum amount of bud under perfect conditions, but rather to produce a decent amount of bud under conditions where the indoor strains would just give you a couple grams of fluffy moldy shwag.
    the one real strain that Ive tried so far is frisian dew by dutch passion, I have yet to find another strain that by online reviews surpasses this one. its truly a great strain, it grows and flowers fast and beautiful, the weed is potent and delicious and has awesome bag appeal at least with the purple phenos. I posted a detailed review here which is definitly a thread that you should check out. for this year's guerilla grows I bought frisian dew again while I was in amsterdam for a few days and also got sensi seeds' early skunk, which does not seem as promising but sensi is definitly a reliable breeder. for a balcony grow I got dutch passion's automazar, which seems to be one of the better auto strains from what Ive read.
  5. Yes i use 15 gallon containers.

    Its all a learning experience - I'm pretty confident i can produce a decent amount this year.
  6. I've used em - they're great seeds.

    I have clones right now

  7. plz refrain from trying to make yourself look important by writing in bold letters and caps... :p
    ya I heard that about dp, too, but the frisian dew was fine. I found one male flower while trimming two plants totallying about 100g (they were planted late and thus small) and so far found one seed, though I suspect there are some more in the remaining 60g that a friend is "keeping till the next harvest" (asshole).
    getting such small amounts of selfed seeds is a plus for me, the loss of bud is not noticable and even though the seeds are liekly to be hermies, theyre still at least good enough to plant them somewhere outside for fun.
  8. haha i'l refrain for now
  9. What has gone wrong with the grows? I really don't want my grow going wrong I got a lot of my knowledge from the grow bible by Greg green would recommend this to anyone who is a beginner indoor / outdoor... After looking and researching strains the last couple of weeks Iv picked these 3 today 20 seed so proble around 17-18 plants the first one is a barneys farm auto flowering critical rapido the next one is a risky one but really want the smoke lol amnesia lemon 50% indica 50% sativa so a good chance of survival ! Lol... The last one is violator kush 100% indica so should be a defo good yield providing I do my job well lol... Hope all goes well for you this year!!
  10. I read that compact buds dont do well in wet climates - you want a plant that produces airy - foxtail like buds to prevent standing water from causing bud rot.
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    the past two years we have had a ridiculous amount of rainfall in my area - all in the space of about a month - the flooding last year was on the news and even David Cameron came to make a speech about forcing insurance companies to pay people who had lost there homes!

    I also had a big aphid/beetle/ant problem in the first year because i was young and refused to use pesticides of any kind.

    All in all i've probably produced about half of pound of immature + pretty flavourless bud -
  12. Sounds right!! But I want the amnesia lemon so bad haha... To help this every early evening or night you go to your site and shake the water off them to prevent mold etc..I believe my strains should so well I hope!! Lol
  13. So can I ask if you used this strain for 2years and its failed ain't you better off trying a new strain ? Like the critical rapido sounds good for your needs? It's auto flowering so seed to harvest in 8-9 weeks!!!!!!! Pest and mold doing 10 of these! And 5 of violator kush and 5amnesia relying on auto flowering and violator kush mainly. All guerilla style can't do anything in my house :mad:
  14. Where are you located Uk? I was looking at fristisn dew it looks promising ...

  15. I live in northern germany ~55N, as it says in that review that I linked. its close to the shittiest climate that you can still grow good photoperiod cannabis in I believe. UK should be pretty similar, maybe a little worse in scotland and significantly better down where its warm as fuck with that ocean stream thingy...
    I definitly recommend the frisian dew, there may be some strains that are as good for this kind of climate, but I doubt there are much better ones.

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