2013 U.k Greenhouse Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Scholeyyy, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. First post on here guys. Right after hours of researching I've finally made decision to grow my own bud. I ordered 5 amnesia haze auto and got one free White widow seed from royal queen seeds Very quick p&p may I add. And 100% germination rate so far! It's a low budget organic grow. so yeah seedlings are 4/5 days old now and are coming on leaps and bounds i have 2 amnesia auto on the go and the regular white widow which will be male hopefully so I can cross with 1 of the amnesia haze autos to produce my own seeds. All looking great btw. the weather in Yorkshire has been somewhat medatrainian the past week and the seedlings have been flourishing. Im lookin for other uk outdoor growers to just shed some light as I'm new to this game. I've mixed perlite into all my potting mix, in 1 WW and AHA I've mixed in some wormcastings I've left one without just comparing them just seeing which one makes best progress for future grows. for flowering stage I have advanced nutrients big bud and bud blood anybody have experiences with theses products ? my soil ph is roughly 6.5/6.9. Photos will be up within next few days.

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