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2013: The year of sobriety

Discussion in 'General' started by AshTRE, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. sup, blades?

    being the first day of this beautiful new year I'd like to get a feel for all of those who desire a weedless and sober life for at least an entire year (thus this thread does not belong to tolerance breaks).

    also if your resolution is cutting back or switching to a healthier method of ingestion, that works as well.

    please use this thread to post daily or weekly to post your own progress as a reflection of your commitment.

    as for myself, I chose to stop smoking blunts for health reasons
  2. Imma try and vape more, smoke less, but im sure as fuck not quitting.

    Cigarettes are getting curb stomped this year though
  3. You're stopping smoking for a year? I'm INCREASING smoking for a year! HELLLLL YEAHHHH!

  4. lol I would never quit weed for a whole year. but others might have such a goal.

    please read the OP before posting.
  5. By saying you'd like to get a feel for all those wanting to experience a sober year, I assumed you'd get that feel by being sober for a year. That's what it sounded like.
  6. happy new years, fuck the mayans.
  7. I had my last toke for the foreseeable future last night. I've gotta start taking random/steady urinalyses for MMA.

    I'll miss it for sure, but I don't think it'll be a big deal at all.
  8. i havent been sober since 2013 started
  9. Not for a whole year, but my resolutions are connected to temporary sobriety. Finishing off whats left today and I'm done for a while. I really gotta kill this tolerance. My goal is at least 1 1/2 months.
  10. Im thinking about quiting for college next fall, but im not sure. Its really just not worth getting my financial aid taken away over.

    But then again, college is supposed to be a great time for smoking.
  11. I was hoping to make 2013 the year of toking ^^"
  12. a whole year sober? might just happen. i haven't had a bud connect in over three months. yes, it's been that hard for me to get bud
  13. I feel healthier with a bowl a day.

    just me. :hello:
  14. 2013 will be a sober year for me, I hope.
    I just kicked a really bad habit this new years. I'm 3 days clean so far.
    & I'm glad that shit is over with, withdrawal was a motherfucker!
  15. I woke up with my first hangover of the new year.....and have been recovering ever since
  16. I wouldn't say I'm quitting or even cutting back. More like picking my priorities better. Blazing/drinking when the time is right, and putting more important things first.
  17. gonna try and cut back on cigarettes...not addicted so shouldnt be to bad. maybe a pack every 2 1/2 weeks..?
    good luck on all yalls attempts to quit whatever it may be
  18. I need to find better dank.
  19. After tonight I'm gonna try and not blaze until 4/20.
  20. This is unrelated but one of my resolutions is quitting pop (excessive mountain dew drinker). So I've been drinking a ton of water & tea :)

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