2013 Texas Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WeedIsLife2014, May 19, 2013.

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  2. How are you plants coming along?  I am in south Texas too doing an outdoor grow ( first time grower!).   Hope your ladies are doing well! 
  3. Get one of those 1 gallon sprayers from Home Depot and just put a little dish soap in with water and spray your leaves. This worked to keep little bugs out of my plants. You just don't want to spray once you start flowering otherwise you can name your strain "Dawn"
  4. There are several organic sprays you can get and being in Texas you should be able to get some pyrethrin concentrate or a spray with spinosads in it and either add a small amount of mild dish soap not antibacterial kind or a small amount of canola oil. Those like mentioned are bud worms and not only feed on leaves but will burrow into buds and feed on the buds from the inside. Mild dish soap by itself wont do much but what it does when mixed with an organic pesticide is it help it stick to plants. Be carefull with pyrethrin though if you mix it to strong it can burn your plants also never spray in direct sunlight or when its hot out. We deal with bud worms, California Oak worms and spider mites every year and I found that pyrethrin mix works the best. It kills shortly after contact it even kills spider mite eggs which most organic sprays don't. If you do try pyrethirn mix it up at the weakest mix ratio and try doing a sample spray on a few leaves first. I spray either early morning or early evening when its cooler out and the plants aren't in direct sunlight. Pyrethirn is nice even when mix by itself with nothing else added as it breaks down fast and can even be used in flowering. Its organic and safe to use with 24hrs of harvest.
  5. These girls are lookin good[​IMG] obviously getting more sun than us albinos up in northwest. Btw, youre under arrest.

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