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2013 list of jobs that dont drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by thorarkin, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. im putting together a list of companies that dont drug test. i will post a list of all companies mentioned every weekend for a few months.
    initial interview tests can be included since its not a huge hassle to pass those. these will be noted in my weekly updated lists.
    so lets begin helping all us tokers out there :smoking:

  2. This will be a glorious thread. A glorious thread indeed.
    Outback Steakhouse
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Jimmy John's
    Most headshops;)
  3. Hollister lol

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  4. All of the TV Industry 
  5. Sub'd for potential life saving awesomeness.

    Shoprite grocery stores don't test.
  6. Just because somebody doesn't get tested by them doesn't mean the same company doesn't test other people, or test applicants in other regions. Either way I don't see the big deal, they're pretty easy to cheat
  7. Outback Steakhouse
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Jimmy John's
    Shoprite grocery stores
    it can still be annoying and nerve wrecking, and depending on what you trust to pass it can be more than you can afford. also, i dont know of any non government jobs that use government grade tests, but those are a bit harder to fake.
  8. a street pharmacist doesn't take drug test :bongin:
  9. Any fast food, restaurants, any type of construction job, accountant
  10. construction does test if your in the carpenters union however
  11. Do you care to explain that a little more? I watched the video on the link but I'm still a little confused. What is it you actually do specifically?

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    Honestly, is this some bogus spam post? Or you trying to advertise your business? Or some sort of MLM? I don't know how much I can trust someone with 4 posts here
  13. American Eagle, pretty good job. Good discounts.
  14. Incorrect. McDonalds and Wendys in my area drug test.
  15. how do they have any employees? 
  16. i live in texas and work at wendy's. no test.
  17. Once you test in they don't test again unless your "under suspicion". But surprisingly they have lots of employees who are tokers.
  18. That's nuts. Never heard of a fast food place testing.

    Really, what's the point of this thread? I get its about jobs but really there are multiple ways to beat a piss test...
  19. Depending on the job anyway. There's an eye glass factory I used to work at and they had everyone who wanted to work there they had it sent to the lab and hardcore tested, suspicious or not anyway. A few of my friends tried to get jobs there and they all failed the drug test with either someone else's urine or a synthetic urine.
  20. Since I can't edit on the app
    Either way, this thread will probably help cut down on the "does blah blah company drug test?" get a good list up and pin that shit yo.

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