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  1. Why do so many people buy into this conspiracy bs? I mean why?
  2. Why not?

    Why do people believe in anything? Choice baby
  3. Why do so many people feel it necessary to make threads about it?
  4. the world may never know. this also includes people who think the u.s. govt did 9/11, also christians/mormons/any other major religion really except for a couple
  5. Yeah but it's just stirring up fear and it's based on nothing. Why make everyone afraid of something that's un provable?
  6. idk bout that date, but im sure thats not when it starts....

    christian scientests are sure the rapture is gunna start may 2011:cool:

    Krist son
  7. Some people fear snakes, some birds, and a lot of people fear change or the unknown. I choose to not give a shit, as anyone else could. It doesn't make any sense to fear something that nobody knows about.
  8. For the love of god, shut up about it. People have their reasons
  9. ur implying alot

    when there are alot of different theorys and all that....\

    who knows...
  10. because it's an excuse to party it up and live fast. Just in case :p

    How I'm interpreting it, anyway...
  11. im personally intrigued by 2012...i just feel like the world is gettin more fucked up on a daily basis...the end is deffinately near

    Tool "Aneima" classic track,not about 2012 but the whole end of the world thing
  12. Goddammit, another one of these threads!:mad:

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