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  1. 2012, What do you think will happen? thoughts? just curious here.
  2. if the human population doesnt flip out and collapse itself with riots and senseless acts then IMO, i believe something will happen, nothing like armagedon but more like .... a new world order will take place.
    one civilization and one rule will happen...

    ...but maybe that happens bc everyone does riot and do crazy shit so one world law is created?
    correct me if im wrong, but christians and other god believing people think its the apocolypse so if it doesnt happen, are they going to drop their faith?

    since our galaxy will be perfectly lined up with each other , i read that the largest electromagnetic storm every recorded is going to hit earth. and when that happpens its suppose to dump all the DMT we have stored in our pineal gland :)

    hahaha i wont give a fuck what happens after that :D
  3. I don't think anything will happen and it's just Y2K all over again.
  4. yea I thought about that too Beton, I never worried about 2000 coming either, didn't seem logical that anything would happen. 2012, on the other hand, the galaxy will be lined up. Nothing like this has happened for a very very long time. I wouldn't mind the DMT dump either! haha. But what I've heard the Myans predicted was a new shift in conciousness, not the end of the world as so many others believe now. I don't think that there will be riots, but on contrast, more of a powerful unity among all human beings. It is said that everyone will start to think differently. Im hoping this is true.
  5. The human race as a collective will pause in a sincere moment of oblivion that stems from the fear tinged excitement of general 2012 conspiracies. Some will repent, others will rebel and the majority will remain apathetic towards the scared masses.

    2012 is an interesting conspiracy but until 00:00, January 1, 2012 it remains just that, a conspiracy. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. when in 2012 is it? I mean, 00:00:00 Jan 1 seems a little ridiculous. I doubt anything will happen, but it would be interesting to "live" through some sort of catastrophic event.
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    What you need to worry about is 3:14 AM January 19th, 2038.

    One of the reasons Y2K wasn't as scary as advertised was because a lot of computers actually don't store the current date/time as a Gregorian date. Older banking systems do but UNIX introduced the practice of storing the time as a count of the seconds between now and January 1, 1970- also called Unix time. The practice, or similar ones (using different dates) caught on in other operating systems, but the problem is, the way most of them do it (storing it as a 32-bit integer) means that the count will overflow on said date.

    I think most 64-bit operating systems that follow this practice, or similar ones have extended the binary length of the count to 64 bits, putting the problem off for the next 300 billion years.
  8. Meh, I don't know if anything will happen, but I can tell you what I hope does happen. I hope that, by 2012, everyone on earth experiences some sort of global awakening, a realizing of a truth that was previously being withheld, or maybe experiencing reality in a way they never did before. That would be awesome. :)
  9. its on december 21 2012
  10. NASA did a study, and they say that the sun will send out some sort of electric pulse, which will wipe out all our electricity, and that we'll be put back like one hundred years, technology-wise. You should look it up.
  11. I think those of us who claim "nothing is going to happen" aren't realizing that every day something is happening. In other words, we're always changing... there is nothing "normal", there is no human standstill. That being said, I believe the majority of human beings will have heard of 2012's potential by December 21, 2012. What this means in terms of actual experience on that date is anyone's guess, and naturally implies human choice up to that point.

    I suggest deep introspection until that date. That's my path anyway.
  12. You can characterize the rates of change, however.

    There is a difference of degree between a spiritual revolution rendering all prior forms of social organization unnecessary (what some people seem to believe about 2012) and, say, a Congressman shouting that the President lies.

    The argument is that 2012 will represent an outlier in terms of change, probably a radical outlier.
  13. Yep, I get that. And you know when the argument will be settled? December 12, 2012. Which is why I say...

    "I believe the majority of human beings will have heard of 2012's potential by December 21, 2012. What this means in terms of actual experience on that date is anyone's guess, and naturally implies human choice up to that point."

    I think humans will decide what happens in 2012, but I don't believe too many people will claim ignorance of its potential. That being said, I would expect huge changes of one type or another - repentance, deep introspection, potential chaos before that time - but the world will never be the same again. What I'm trying to say is that people will make changes based on the immanence of that date - the nearer it is, the more radical their thinking.
  14. I agree with bkadoctaj. The 2012 concept in itself will dramatically alter how humankind converse, react and generally live. Some will live fearlessly through December 21, 2012 and others will become non-compliant and frantic. We have to simply live our lives because we do not know what is going to happen and there is no way to tell what will happen. I wish we could put an end to all this nonsensical fear and worry because as I have said before and will remain to say.

    "If you live with your head in the future you won't cherish what you have today and that's the greatest loss of all.".

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  15. Nice man, it's good to hear that others are feeling similar. :)
  16. i think if such all our electronics go down, we would rely on the natural stuff until we find a way to get them all workin again.
    and since we need electronics to produce the stuff that replaces the uses of cannabis and hemp we would realize the potential of the plant.
    plus with all the DMT runnin thru our heads..
    we'll see...
  17. I reckon it's just going to be a mass change in human conscienceness. It's impossible to say exactly what , only time can tell. I think our energy not as individuals but as a whole race is going to be made higher. Our vibrations that make us what we are will change , and we will all come to a unified realisation of life and our existence. Maybe 2012 is the road to the transition into higher beings ? Who knows. I sure don't. First post by the way - my bowl's waiting for me. This one's for you GC
  18. Hello All,

    First allow me to clear some things up about the "2012 Change"

    1. It is not the apocolypse, it is a shift in conciousness. Consider it the next stage for the human race.
    2. Every one will shift into a more spiritual frame of mind. Maybe you Atheists will reconsider? One can only hope your heart is softened.
    3. The date is 12-21-2012 not January first, but leading up to "The Day" every one will be preparing for the change.

    My Friends,

    As of now we are a growing pains stage. Remember when you were young and your legs used to hurt as you grew older? Maybe that was just me. That is whats happening to the Oneness that is the human race and we will be ready for the next stage on 12 21 2012.

    I am proud that my friends are discussing it now, a change of this magnitude needs to be realized before it is upon us.

    Peace Love and Light
  19. wait, isn't that supposed to be 4:20pm, 4/20 ;)

    still, i hope that humanity would wake up and see what a true gift life and love really are... how pointless and unnessessary all the suffering we bring onto ourselves in the name of capitalism, religion, science, etc... and if we can really truly learn to live as one with each other and the universe.

    (have any of you read up on the Prophesy Rock from the Hopi tribe? i think that's what it's called anyway.)

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