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  1. In all of the past calenders , the Egyption, the Indian, the Chinese etc. they all end in the year 2012 and keep in mind that they had no connection between eachother so how did they all just come up with "2012" as the year that the calender should stop?
  2. plenty people said the world would end in 2000.

    well the calendars were wrong.

    they hadnt quite got the astronomical shit timed right... so long ago (few hundred years, cant remember how long ago) some English King decided to put things right and ordered the time be moved on to the right time. all in all... i think with all the moves and shifts of time, its about 12 years. so yeah.. that could be the end.

    but we cant take this tooo seriously... there have been many many instances all throughout history when people proclaim the end is nigh. and often they have god reason to belive so. but it hasnt happened so far.
  3. Maybe it has something to do with the skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels. But thats 12 years away, not 2012.
  4. 2012 is:

    the year bush 's alien friends arrives.

    the year microsoft admits it's been cheating

    the year 2000 but somewhere along the way we lost count

    the year quake24arena will come out.
  5. maby an asteriod will knock us down in 2012.
    That could be it
  6. In 2012 we'll all realize that existence is a cycle spinning backwards through time. At a certain point (2012) we'll turn time into a tangible concept and travel back to avoid a terrible catastrophe. We will actually bring all of our techonology and knowledge back to the first time in which the earth was habitable by humans.

    It'll all have to do with gravity and pyraminds, strangely.
  7. I can hardly wait!
  8. I don't think the end will happen naturally, at least not by 2012.

    2012, could be the end, but I think mankind will be responsible for that one.
  9. just as far as the head calendar maker could count when he had all of his minions, associates, friends and groupies lined up with their fingers and toes extended?????

    I can only count to 21 and I have to be nekked to do that.
    One of the reasons I married my wife is that she is smarter that me. She can count to 22..

    I think it will be a nuclear response by the U.S. to a biological attack on the homeland. As the epidemic of death spreads, we will nuke everyone who might have been responsible.

    I don't mind dying, but I am taking someone with me.

    I think the world has already ended and we are just a dream that God is having. When he wakes up - Poof! Oui B. Gone.

  10. So basically your saying that the world is gonna be like Fallout, the game. If so...that would be quiet funny

  11. Who's right? Every once in awhile, I think along OkieTokie's line of thought. It's an eerie perspective.

    And then, just last night, I run across this headline in the Weekly World News (and we know how reliable they are!):


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  12. would it realy be so bad to end a world as fucked up as this one is???

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  13. The machines take over 2012! Or maybe it just restarts?
  14. shhh! people are going to start waking up and the machines will be pissed.
  15. Well, it's either the inaccuracies of the calendar, or the fact that Ancient Mayan prophecy predicts that the world will end at the time of the winter solstice on Dec. 21st, 2012. The winter solstice of Dec. 21, 2012 will occur on 10:24 am.

    just a fun little fact :)

  16. oh dude, "LOL"

  17. LOL!! I just watched the Matrix Reloaded last night for the first time. What a great action flick! Now I'm anxious to see Revolutions!

    So, I'm curious. Where did the idea of all the calendars ending at the year 2012 come from? Where did the info come from?

    And isn't 2012 the Year of the Cat? Didn't Al Stewart have an album called The Year of The Cat in 1976? So, would Al Stewart be like a prophet, giving us glimpses into the future through his music on that particular album? I've got to go check this out! LOL!!

    But like I always say...
  18. maybe all the calendar counting doods back then at the calendar counting convention rolled and shared the first doo-bie and thought "well were too stoned to care anymore so were not gonna bother puttin anymore years on these calendars, we wont b around to get shit slung at us anyways, if the world makes it that far"

    puff puff

  19. Dude I have allways thought that music was like another dimension or plane and that it flowed through my life source and when I picked up a guitar it came out through me from the musical plane and in to our plane.

    if you got that.
    read it a couple of times if you didnt
  20. The mayan one is discussed repeatedly if you search the dark corners of the internet enough. I never heard about the egyptian, chinese, or indian calenders ending at the same time tho. There's a lot of interesting stuff about the mayan calender if you read up about it and how they numbered their years and had a short cycle and a long cycle.

    I've heard something before about the "quickening" happening in 2012. We're supposed to be traveling through a special part of the galaxy or universe or something. Instead of the end of the world, maybe that's what they're counting towards. I dunno.

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