2012 years ago this day

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  1. baby jesus was born in a manger in bethlaham.

    whats up jesus this next bowl is for you.

    thanks for giving saint nick specuil powers and an army of elves and raindeer

    sorry we spend more money and time with presents and stuff
    rather than loveing one another.people killing in your name, forcring you name on people, and hateing in your name.
    silly people dont even know u kicked it with the prosetutes and the homeless and that your love is free and it doenst even matter if u say your name

    tell your dad thanks for the weed.
    the burro that carried baby jesus is named heurculeas
    and hes still alive and works on an urban farm i live on and carries heavy shit with a cart that we made for him out of the back of an old car.

    any ways

    merry christmas.
  2. Actually they don't exactly know the date of Jesus' birth. It's the thought that counts though :D
  3. best thank you jesus thread evarr
  4. Hell yea Jesus loved everyone. Why can't we all just get along

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