2012 Or 2013 Macbook Air?

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    So here's my situation, I know I'm getting a macbook air.  I have money right now so I could get the 2012 model for about 900 at best buy, whenever I decided to go up there basically.  But the 2013 model will come out in about a week, and then i'd probably have to wait another week or two after that and get more paychecks before I'd have enough money for that one.  
    The main differences are a faster processer and 12 hours of battery life instead of 7...  I feel like I won't really notice the processor that much because I don't really do any HD video editing or gaming or anything like that, but the almost double battery life is kind of intriguing.  
    I also have a computer now that's pretty shitty so I'm kind of anxious to replace it.
    Keeping in mind that I'll be using the new one for college, you guys think it's worth it to wait the extra few weeks and get one with longer battery life and a pricetag that's a couple hundred higher, or should I just grab last years at a discounted price now?  Longer battery life sounds great and everything but I'm not sure what situation I'd ever actually need 12 hours of battery life...  but I've never been a college student before either, so I don't know.

  2. Just wait it out. Youll be much more happier. Technology changes quickly so buy brand new and have the latest and greatest for the longest time possible. 
  3. In 2012 I bought a leftover 2011 13.3" MBA....got it off Amazon for quite a savings over the newer model, although I had to spend $29 to upgrade to Mountain Lion OS....love it and haven't had any issues with it...it has a 7 hour battery life and I've never gotten close to using that up....your call....
  4. I am not sure about the specs of the macbook air, but you could either save some money and go with the older model or pay up and get the newer model, obviously..
    The good thing is whichever you choose, its going to last you a long while provided you dont break it on your own accord.  
  5. for sure worth it to get the newer one.
    double battery life would be clutch.
    plus the macbook air is super slim and light.
    you wont regret it.
    buy it on your college campus!
    i got a deal on mine.
    just look into when the new OS (maverick?) launches.
    if its within the couple months id wait it out.
    Why would it matter when the OS is released, you will be able to download whatever the new OS is on any mac platform.
    PS this post was old.
    they usually release new models around the same time span.
    as in new chips, shipped out ram, HD space, etc...
    usually for the same price.
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    So would you recommend Macbook Air or the Pro with Retina Display? Can you notice a change in pixels?
    i have done a side by side test on the Macbook Pro & Macbook Pro with Retina.
    Both where 13".
    You can tell a difference for sure.
    if you plan to watch videos, netflix, movies, id go with the retina.
    Ok thanks. Do you know if they are they releasing a MacBook Pro later this year?
    for sure gonna have a new "model" released before December...
    as far as huge improvements, probably not anything too drastic.
    I think you're trolling me.  -__- I just read your signature.
    im being serious man.
    check my posts, user rating, join date if you want.
    ive had that signature since before you visited the city.
    Lol, well it's best to seek advice from someone more experienced I guess.
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    whatever floats your boat, im trying to give advice based on my previous purchase history directly from apple. like i said, i own the macbook pro (mid/late '12 non-retina). my sister has the macbook air (late '12). my good friend owns the macbook pro with retina (early '13).
    i have extensive hands-on experience with all of them...
    hands down there is a drastic difference in graphics between this macbook and the one with a retina display.
    considering now it only costs around $300 to upgrade to the retina display, it would be crazy not too.
    it was closer to $1000 difference when this computer was purchased, which is why it was opted against.
    believe whatever you want about a new model of the macbook pro being released before december...
    i could care less, but almost every year, like clockwork, they release a newer edition with something tweaked on it.
    wether it be shipped out with more RAM, bigger HD, or a difference processor.
    its all about making money around christmas time.
    its entirely logical...
    I'll be getting the Pro Retina but it won't be until next year in June before I go off to college. I hope that it last all 4 years. Thanks!
  17. It will last 4 years.
    My white MacBook from 2008 is still running strong.

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