2012 MMJ Outdoor Grow Show

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  1. Every time you post pics my jaw drops wide open haha amazing plants :smoke:

  2. Thanks man I try to keep them happy and like to think I know what I am doing for the most part ha ha. Always learning even after 11 years and it will never stop.
  3. haha whats that keep out sign say under it?

  4. That means...YOU! Lol
  5. Wow man, that 4th picture you posted is flowering wayyyy early. I know you are about 1,000 miles south of me, but still nice to look at. What strain is that again? Also, about what time of the year do you harvest in the southern end of the tri-angle? I'm definitely looking forward to trying that recipe next year for an all organic mix. Also in your soil mix you have 2 tbls greens. What are "greens". Also 2 tbls diotomacious earth. I thought that the this stuff was pretty much useless after it gets wet? Thanks man. Love the girls too. Some of those pics were so huge, I couldn't even open them. lol

  6. That's an A-Train and yeah she is flowering hard so are my Humboldt purples. Oh the greens is green sand its an excellent source of k and other micro nutes. Dio earth is great source of silica and calcium plus other trace minerals and definitely not useless. Thanks for the compliments man.
  7. About what time of year do they harvest in your area? October, September? I can see that you will be harvesting that A-train before the rest. Thanks for the info about the greens. I'm trying to get all this shit ready for next year. Pretty fucking pathetic that i'm planning my garden over a year in advance. Those humbolt purps sound nice. I have some beans I got from SubCool called Deep Purple. I have high hopes for them. I'll be crackilackin' those this winter sometime. I think that my Dairyqueen is going to die off. She stretches wayyy too much for my indoor grows. Just a tad too much sativa in her.
  8. Nothing pathetic about planning ahead that's smart. :)
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    I guess "pathetic" isn't the right word. I guess I was just making a point that in some way I am disappointed with this year's garden because I'm already planning ahead for next year.

    I just aquired 8 more plants that were being abused by someone. They are in 3 gallon pots and are about 4 to 5 feet tall. Kinda late to be transplanting them, but one of them is already starting to hermie so I have to do what I have to do. On top of that, I had to throw away 3 young clones in order to make room for these. These 8 plants would have put me over if all my clones rooted at the same time. Do you think transplanting these plants will hurt them in any way this late in the game, or will it hurt them worse being root bound? I'll go look for root bound issues on GC as well.
  10. Transplant now, you dont want them that bound up in flowering. They should bounce back just fine if you act now...
  11. Thanks GNug, got them transplanted tonight. Should be in much better shape by this time next week.
  12. Yeah they will definitely appreciate the root space for sure :)
  13. amazing plants sir.....
  14. Damn Richard that is one hell of a garden you got going there, I like the pics showing the mere size of your growing area. I would be so ecstatic with a grow space like that.

    I have a friend that lives about 4-5 blocks away and he uses his entire back yard. He has 32 plants all in perfect row's and on level land. He gets sun from sunrise to sunset. You can walk in between every plant and easily water or feed or manicure at all times. Its a outdoor grow area to die for. I know his landlord really well too. I wish I had known about this house and property I would of moved in there for the yard alone.
  15. Yeah last year at the farm we had ten feet in between each plant it was nice but took forever to walk around and hand water with the hose if you had to my small space is more manageable
    And I crammed in as much as I could with them touching ha ha. Keeping this spot for next year going to get a better and taller fence installed and make the space a tad wider. Looking for larger property to with some friends hoping to find something choice for next year. :)

  16. Hell yeah, every year there are room for improvements. Ide be happy if I were you.

    I'm a little too close together in my garden. Very restricted and close quarters. :( It's tough to do anything anymore. Like I should be complaining though. My garden is so hidden from the public it's almost perfect. Only thing that would make it better is space.

    When I mentioned my buddy and his huge yard, there are lots of area's where anyone walking down the street can look into his fence and see his entire garden, he has neighbors that look right into his back yard. That would make me feel really uncomfortable.

    So I am happy temporarily.
  17. Yeah I got a road above me that some people driving by take the chance to slow down and admire but soon I will be covering that fence up so no more free shows and I'm building my PVC structure soon for the rain.

  18. I get the eebe jeebee's when someone or anyone new happens to see my garden. That just created 10 more people in the world that know about it. I dont know very many people that can keep their mouth closed. Only my closest friends know about my garden and that scares me. ;)

    I think that fence would be my top priority. I have a few neighbors that use the black plastic for their fences year after year. And I tell them jesus build a fence. Sure the supplies cost money, that is their problem they find other things to spend their money on. I tell them priorités damn it.

    You seem very squared away, I'm sure the fence is on your top of the list. ;)
  19. Yes it is definitely at the top of priorities. Not too worried as plenty of other people grow around here but my plants are the nicest round my area that I know of so they do garner more attention than most gardens ha ha. Hence why everyone in the house is armed with guns and knives not taking any chances. I'm sitting ina chair outside my garden all night with my shotgun :) no one is taking my hard earned work.

  20. Shit I have to settle for good old fashion security. My record keeps me from having guns. I have motion detectors, night vision camera's, Booby traps, wood with nails in it. And a tent with a timer that turns a night light on and off every half hour or so. And my bedroom is 50 feet from my garden where I sit at night with a 30" monitor staring at the garden through the night vision. I also have a whisper 2000 I turn on at night to listen more closely. My old lady might eventually leave me from all the contraptions, she has a hard time sleeping with the noise and light from the monitor. I told her its only for 2 months then everything is normal again. ;)

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