2012 MMJ Outdoor Grow Show

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  1. I just upload straight to gc with the attachments function its a lot easier and you don't have to host anything.
  2. Uhh, that's what I use. I thought that's what he was talking about as well. I'm not familiar with photobucket. Just use the gc's upload program.
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    Well kids here we go with some new pics. The buds are forming:) getting very exciting. IMG_20120818_164419.jpg

    First two above the plant straight ahead is the Humboldt purple

    This is the Ak 47

    The A-train

    Sour Crush

  4. Looking bomb man! Cant wait for the fun to begin for us all.
  5. Oh yeah its gonna be a good year for everyone I can feel it :)
  6. Wow bro, some of yours are in full bloom. Excellent. :eek: :smoke:

  7. Ya thinks are looking great here too!

    I love how bushy and healthy those plants look. Do you clean up the inside the foliage at all, or let nature run its full course?

    Definitely going to be a great year... :D

  8. Thanks man its getting really fun now for sure. Yes the insides are cleaned out entirely so they have tons of air flow through the interior and no energy wasted on scraggles. Natures knows her shit but sometimes you got to help her out to get your desired results.

  9. I get a lot of inside yellowing at this time of year, I go down there daily and pick off a lot of yellow leaf's from the inside's. I know guys that pick when the leaf's are 100% green. I only pick em when they are yellow or losing color.

    Do you pick green leaf's too? Some people with healthy nutrient plans do not get as much yellowing as I do on the inside. I wasn't sure if they merely picked the green leaf's off before they had a chance to change or if they just fed their plants more nitrogen than I.
  10. The only time I pick green leaves is if they are blatantly blocking bud sites or diminishing airflow so it needs to be thinned out from time to time.
  11. I too, pick only yellow. If its yellowed all the way, and yields with just a slight tug, its gone...if it even resists my tugging at all, I leave it. Larger, upper fan leaves I try to never pull, and they can normally be tucked down behind a stem and out of the way instead...I do cut out scraggles, every branch about 1 1/2 to 2 feet up gets the little nothing shoots removed out to about a foot+ away from the main stalk.
  12. Hey guys I got a update! The himalayan gold is over 8ft tall now! Woot its getting huge for sure. The Church (#2) is stretching hard now, from all sides. I figure all my plants should be flowering good within a week or 2 tops. I have one that is in full flower now and going good. I can only imagine what it is going to look like in a couple weeks! Happy growin and smokin guys!

    1. Himalayan Gold
    2. The Church #1
    3-4. Crippler

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  13. I love how big outdoor plants get. Those look beautiful
  14. Lols whoops wrong thread lols. Dang not even medicated! Thanks for the like though.
  15. Thanks for the threadjack Was :). ha ha ha and you know what thats probably the problem your not medicated. Hahaha.
  16. Gonna go out and water some more just hand watered in a compost tea like to wait a hour or so before I water in on top of it. :) Then I will take some more photos for all you fine people here on the city.

  17. Reminds me, I need to get me some tea from the local shop.
  18. Hey there GC been a bit since I posted pics and plan on doing so today I promise ha ha. Just been busy and also enjoying good hash on off time as of late and you know how that goes :) .
  19. Here we go got some pics taken after I applied my alfalfa tea and got the drip line running water on the girls they are happy :) IMG_20120825_080548.jpg









  20. And a few more..... IMG_20120825_080737.jpg






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