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  1. Wow duder, some of your plants are flowering WAYYYYYY earlier than mine and most of mine are supposed to flower in 7 weeks. What am I doing wrong? Is there anything you do to help move your plants along in flower?
  2. Must be a northern cali thing. Also, I don't know where WAGreen is, but I used to live in Ellensburg and that's damn close to where those fires are happening. No big fires over here in Eastern Washington though.
  3. Throwing high p flowering nutes at it, but only 1/4 strength. 3/4 high Nit, 1/4 High P. Maybe it's time to start throwing full flowering nutes at them earlier. August 15 now and this is about when I usually start pouring the flowering ferts on them. Wonder if I started earlier if the plants would start flowering earlier. Anyone got their 2 cents to throw in?

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  4. Funny you say that cause I actually thought some were behind but I guess not I did use a bit of liquid kool bloom during the transition to kind of "kick" them over so to speak used very very little and yeah I know not technically organic but shhhhh :)
  5. I'm all about doing whatever it takes (short term) to help the harvest. It's soo early right now, you could probably drench them in gasoline and they would be smokable in 2 months. lol And before anyone comments, I know, the gasoline would kill the plants. Not exactly my point.
  6. Yeah kool bloom works way to good in my experience to not use it a tad. Really bulks up the buds and gets you better trichome production.

  7. Lol, that's exactly what I use. Maxi-Grow, Maxi-bloom, and Kool Bloom. My only gripe is that they don't come in 5 gallon containers. When you have outdoor plants and you're not going organic then the only way to go is water soluable fertilizers. I suppose if I was in Cali I would go Organic as well because I wouldn't be able to afford fertilizer for 100 to 300 gallon pots.
  8. Yeah heavily ammended soil is key when doing large outdoor plants especially.
  9. Which is exactly why i'm looking forward to trying your recipes next year. Will be interesting to see just how well they do in our area. If they grow as good as fertilizer then i may have to just pay someone to do the work for me. What do you think the most important ammendment is? Have you ever tried skimping on any addative? Have you ever gone from beginning of grow to end of grow without ever adding any teas or nutrients?

  10. I wouldn't say that you could stress and amendment over another really its about building a diverse gourmet meal for the plant rather than relying on single sources for specific nutrients. Got to have balance and you also must realize a lot of what's in the soil is there to aid the microbiology in the soil such as the beneficial bacterias and fungis. If your going to try to break it down to what amendments are at the top of the list you could list a few but couldn't just tell you one. Earthworm castings , guanos, kelp, rock phosphate, dolomite lime, greens and, alfalfa pellets or the meal or hay. Also nothing beats keeping a good compost pile around as that's a great source of life and food for soil and plant alike. I have never done just water recipes yet but I plan on getting to that point one day just love the simplicity.
  11. I spy with my little eye one of my soldiers patiently waiting for the next pest to eat. Ha ha ha IMG_20120815_183348.jpg

    Sorry about the bad focus not the greatest camera
  12. Ok, i give up. what is it? Preying mantis?
  13. Yes a young one not full grown yet:) one of many I find a few everyday
  14. I wish i had some but these fuckin chickens would take them out

  15. I wish I had chickens I have been eyeing chicken coops for awhile I want like 3 or 4 and a couple goats.
  16. We have wild turkeys here that eat the hell out of the grass-hoppers and every other bug around. The only reason I would want chickens is so I could use their poop on my plants. lol

  17. Don't forget organic farm fresh eggs everyday. :). Yum

  18. I think photobucket is having some problems, I have been uploading photo's there for a few years, they might of caught on to just how many photos I have uploaded and are wanting some money. I'll have to kick a few bucks to keep my photos active. Or they are just having some problems. Are they working now?
  19. Now that I have a full 8ft of field fencing around my whole grow, I plan to add a small henhouse and wrap the bottom of the fence(4-5ft up) in poultry wire over winter... Chickens freak out when someone/thing comes near their area and they leave nutes all over the ground while eatin/generally discouraging the presence of bugs. Quail would be the ultimate to have in there, but theyd require more/better fencing and are more costly overall with tiny eggs, so the upside to them is theyre less messy and i dont think harbor the kinds of bad bugs chickens sometimes can. I think having chickens for security is very underrated..
  20. Duder, that sucks. Hope that doesn't happen to the rest of us. Well, if you get it figured out I would love to see the rest of the grow.

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