2012 MMJ Outdoor Grow Show

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  1. Yeah I feel you Dean, definitely would rather live in the country and visit the city than live in the city and visit the country side... but considering my age I'm probably gonna live in a city for a few years before establishing myself in the mountains

    3 to 5 pounds... and how many plants do you have going? Man that's just plain insane haha
  2. Haha I know what you mean. Thats they way I think about it. Also it seems that when your in the city all you hear is sirens and subs... Gets old after a while if you ask me!
  3. nice plants dean, that gdp X Big Bud is going to one killer plant with some nice buds. I always like to see how people stake there massive plants up and I've never seen anyone do it like you running a tall stake up the middle it looked like then having all the limbs attach to that.

    I always stake mine outside the plant and then tie the limbs to each stake so it will be spreading the plant out from its self but at the same time holding up the buds. I always try to maximize my yield by pulling limbs out so the inner growth will have a chance at growing up to the canopy and giving a decent size bud.

    Not knocking your method I just feel like your short changing your self and could pull more yield out of this if you spread the plant's branches apart more, But at the same time it's more work but would pay for its self in the end. Do you get alot of lil pop corn buds on the inside of the plant then on the outter branches?
  4. I lst all my plants the gdp that I have tied to the center pole has five outer poles you can't see cause the plant grew over them ha ha. This was the runt of the garden and still looks like it will pull 3 lbs or so. I clear out the insides of the smaller stuff to get airflow in there and concentrate energy on the tops. That also was the only plant I didn't trellis cause it was so small but it surprisingly got bigger than I anticipated. All my other are trained through deer fencing or trellis wrapped around the pots then I tie up the branches as they hang down and spread branches apart to maximize light and air flow between the colas. :) not my first time around so I know a thing or two .
  5. Damn bro, :eek: Very nice garden you got going there!!! Healthy!!!! :D

    Hat's off to you, I know the kind of work your putting in. And the risk.

    Keep up the good work. :D:smoke:
  6. Thanks bud appreciate the kudos. Your plants are pretty huge and gorgeous as well. :) And yes lots of hard work but nothing compared to last year when I worked for a collective. Much less stress this year with less plants and a smaller space to keep secure.
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    Well shit-fire!!
    Beautiful garden bro.... looks very much like mine except ur girls are larger.(45gal pots are limiting me) I too use a very similar approach, organics and teas, but i do supplement with a mild chem wash over my topdressings about once a week. Props and Kudos in droves to you sir!!! I even like ur receding hairline, reminds me very much of my own> another similiarity... Great Job!!

  8. Thanks man appreciate it and yeah the pot size is uber important with these plants as they grow so fast especially outdoors in Nor Cal. I shaved my head yesterday I never usually let it get that long ha ha like the Mr clean look.
  9. Tommy, where's the rest of your 2011 outdoor grow? Last picture you have posted was around july or something. TIA

  10. Couple random shots today IMG_20120813_135940.jpg

  11. Beautiful Richard. Keep up the picture progress posting.

    I was going to ask, I have been thinking of getting one of those box fan looking trimmers to help me this fall with the trim work. Those other auto bud trimmers won't work for me because I prefer hanging the whole branch instead of the single bud drying on a rack somwhere. The question I had was....do you use one of those auto trimmers or do you just get your friends and family to help or do you pay trimmers? I don't want anyone at my house that isn't in my collective and pretty much none of the people in the collective can sit there for 16 hours at a time to trim. Any suggestions? My buddy told me to just hang the entire plant to dry then manicure the buds afterward. The problem I have with that is that his stuff is very, uhmmmm lets just say "Leafy". When you trim the green buds they dry soo much nicer looking.
  12. I like to stay away from machine trimmers I love the quality of a good hand trim :) I have friends and family here that have their scripts too and we all just do it ourselves the four of us. I can do a few pounds myself working all day. My record last year was 10 pounds in forty eight hours. But I'm not gonna be going breakneck speed this year taking my time with it no rush. As far as the hang dry I like to cut all the fan leaves off and trim the sugar leaves a bit to open the plant up. I find it gives you a better dry and cure at least for my situation and humidity levels it works great and I get good flavor and smell. I paper bag after a five to seven day hang dry and I pull them right before stems snap as it provides for a better cure once you paper bag them for a night or two then to the jars for burping daily till that fine product is achieved that we all know and love:)
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    I think we all prefer hand trimmed buds, but I'm not exactly what you would call "speedy gonzales". lol It takes me about 16 hours to do one 8 footer. It usually equates to about a pound to a pound and a half. This year is going to be crazytrain for me. Last year I had 13 plants, but they were all very stunted due to my inability to figure out what was wrong with them. This year my plants are all 5 foot minimum (as of right now) and we still have 2 months to grow before harvest. I have a feeling I'm going to need help. I appreciate your 2 cents, but that is the concensus that I'm getting from everyone. Again, I have to do all this work myself so anything that can help is greatly appreciated. I guess I'll just go with an inexpensive box trimmer so I'm not out a bunch of money. If I don't like the end result I can just shit-can the trimmer and not feel to bad about it. My first outdoor grow I had 5 eight to nine footers and by the time i reached the 5th plant, the trichs were on the downward spiral. Anyway, thanks for the update and if anyone else has had experience with box trimmers message me on here.

  14. Awesome looking garden you have there.

    Noticed you ran Kali Mist before and was wondering how do you think it would do outdoors? Never tried it, but suspect I would fall in love with her.
  15. Kali mist should do awesome outdoors especially out here can't wait for next year already haha.
  16. Making a compost tea going to apply tmrw and then update you guys and gals with some pictures.
  17. I've always been curious on how you get the bottom main stem to split at such a short hight? is that lst? or just topping at an early stage? thanks in advance for my newbish question. haha beautiful grow btw.

  18. I usually top once when they are small at fifht or sixth inter node tall then once they branch out I last those branches to get my bushes.
  19. Hey guys and Gals of GC hope you are all doing wonderful today and keeping Wagreen in my thoughts hope you and your plants are staying safe out there they got the one by me contained pretty much and its moving away from me so thanking the ganja gods for protecting me this time. Here is some new shots for you kids enjoy:)









  20. As you can see they are extra happy with the tea I gave them this morning and some molasses water. IMG_20120815_105003.jpg




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