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  1. Beautiful grow. Hope it serves you as well as you served it at the end
  2. Wow dude, just......wow man, fuckin'..............i'm speechless. Oh I can definitely see that I'm trying your soil recipe next year. You may have to give me your tea recipes as well. I don't know how much rain you get up there, but we've had snow here as late as June 11th. I don't like to plant before the 15th because I've lost several hundred dollars worth of vegetables by doing so. This year I planted on June first and sure as shit we had a frost around the 9th. Luckily the girls weren't affected because I veged them inside until they were about 12-18". They took the frost like a champ. I did put our porch heater out in the garden though around 2 am. The frost doesn't really hit the plants until right before it starts getting light. They were still covered in ice though. I don't know why I didn't lose any, but am glad I didn't. I'm pretty sure i'm just going to wait until the 15th of june next summer. Would be nice to have an extra month of vegging, but would hate to have to start over. It's not like I can just go out and buy 20 or 40 eighteen inch tall cannabis plants. lol

    I definitely know what you mean about it being a lot of work. It really is almost a full time job. I just came from a buddy's place to help him with his garden and he was bitching soo much about how much work it is that he's thinking of not growing any more. I really started growing because my boss started working me part time (still working part time, thanks Carter, Clinton, and Frank) and couldn't afford to buy my own. Now it's turned into a passion. I love buying all kinds of different seeds. It's like a lottery ticket with every pack I buy. haha

    K man, keep up the good work and keep the Journal going.

  3. Thank you again for the kind words. :). Where do you live cause I am just north of SF in the woods and it is hot as hell here plus its dry as a bone all summer and even more dry this year so only water here is from what I give them from my filtered tap water. As far as getting an early start I would suggest a greenhouse or cold frame to get them going and protect them from cold temps. It is a lot of work but I enjoy it and to me it really isn't work because in the end of the day I truly enjoy what I do and the positivity it brings to my life and others around me.
  4. Wow, bummer. SF is a little far for me. I'm about 30 miles north of Spokane. It takes me about 9 hours to drive to Eureka so SanFran is probably out of the question. So why do you filter your tap water? It looks like you live out in BFE. Aren't you on well water? And as far as being hot, we're fairly warm, but we havn't been above 100 degrees here in a very long time. I think 5 or 6 years at least. We're at around 2500 feet so it's very nice during the summer and very shitty during the winter. We had soo much snow a few years back that it was piled clear to our eves after we shoveled the roof off for the second time. Anyhooo, keep up the good work and send me your tea recipe you use for your soil.
  5. I filter the chlorine and heavy metals out with carbon filters. If I can drink it safely its good for my plants too. :). Can't make good teas without all that junk filtered out either will kill the biologicals. Here is my recipe:
    Veg formula:
    For every gallon of water add the following,
    1 cup Earthworm castings
    1 tbsp black strap molasses
    1 tsp alfalfa meal
    1tsp fish emulsion
    1 tsp kelp meal
    1 tsp high N bat guano
    Brew for 24-48 hours

    With the flowering tea its all the same but you add 1/4 cup big bloom and sub out high P guano for the high N.
  6. Right on man. And you just poor that over the top of the root ball? How much would i need for a 30 gallon pot? I usually add about 2 gallons of nutrient solution when I feed mine.

  7. For a 100 gallon I'm using around four gallons of tea and yea just water it in like any other nutrient but keep it stirred between plants as the sediment settles quickly. So you could get away with a gallon of tea or so it is really just to supercharge your soil and give them a diverse feeding not about being a heavy one.
  8. Here is that size comparison shot of the blackberry you wanted SF IMG_20120810_100617.jpg
  9. Nice man. Those are some big ass trunks. I just went and topdressed a couple of my deficient girls, one with straight bagged steer manure and the other with compost. Will be interesting to see which one responds better. My buddy said it may be too hot, but considering the high TDS i have been feeding them, I doutbt it will affect them that bad. I'm actually really looking forward to growing out a few plants with your mix next year. Thanks again man.
  10. Your very welcome glad to share info and remember I did get it from the Rev its his mix but just minor adjustments that I made for my situation and preference. :). Got to give him credit mostly I'm just a good student and apply my knowledge quickly and effectively after researching heavily.
  11. those are some big plants what are you useing for flowering, fox farm big bloom?
  12. I do use big bloom sometimes and it is in my flower tea recipe too but otherwise just water and molasses every other in flower. All organic here that's the secret to big healthy plants. I made a custom soil mix as well which feeds the plants pretty good on its own.
  13. Took some new shots today enjoy :) IMG_20120812_085341.jpg









    I'm six foot four inches tall so you can gauge the plant sizes with me in it. :)
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    Here is my gdp plant this is for you MJ mama just you can see what I was talking about. IMG_20120812_085819.jpg


    This is the gdp crossed with big bud


    This is one of the Humboldt purples

  15. Duuuuude, you have your own lake? How nice is that. Sit in the middle of all the plants with a fish pole, half rack of corona, and all the buds you could smoke. What a way to live. Sometimes I feel that way when I sit in the back yard and watch all the deer and moose walkin' around. I love living in the country.

  16. I live by a lake ha ha but don't ever fish in it really. Its the largest freshwater lake in CA and known for its bass fishing only been on it once last year. Pretty beautiful out here and yes I do love the country not a city dweller by any means.
  17. I'm split between city and country... lived in both and honestly love both

    What's your typical harvest per plants? Can't wait to see what your yield turns out to be

  18. Yeah the city is not bad to visit I just can't live there. I'm a mountain man :) Oh and harvest wise I would say on average the 100 gallons will do anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds. :)
  19. Yea man, I lived in seattle for about 7 years off and on. Hated every fucking second that I lived there. I was working a pretty high stress job and my doctor told me my blood pressure was soo high that I was bound for a massive stroke or heart attack. I moved about 3 months later to a town with a population of 300. Loved it, but no work. Then I had to move to Spokane (about half a million with outlying cities) for work, but bought a place out in the sticks. I'll never EVER live in the city again.
  20. When society crumbles what goes first and where will all the mayhem be? The cities ha ha yeah no thanks. Your better off in the sticks.

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