2012 MMJ Outdoor Grow Show

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  1. No never done pick and mix but imsure its good. Me personallyI always get the breeders packs so I know what I have is legit.
  2. True,yea that is real cheap.
  3. Hey Rich im sure you not checking this right now since its not quite season yet but had a few questions

    How do you like those drying racks? I was thinking of picking up a few. Looks like your using it for your smaller buds and hanging the larger colas. Im lucky to have a shed in my backyard with a lock so when I harvest I hang all the buds with fishing line on more fishing line that I string from side to side in the shed.

    Also I just got some molasses whens a good time to add it? I read a lot about the sugar process of plants and thought it would be good to add it late in flower.

    Ill be switching organic probably this outdoor season once I run out of all the bottle stuff and mixing my soil like you do.

    Also where do you find all your storage jars at? They're way too expensive to keep buying them at walmart. Im guessing you buy in bulk somewhere?

  4. Nah bought them at walmart lol.
  5. cool journal.:hello:

  6. Thanks bro stay tuned this year is gonna be bigger and better.
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    The stalk structure is quite unique. Did you get that from bending the stalk? I'm talking about the pics in post #11.

  8. Low stress training yes.

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