2012 MMJ Outdoor Grow Show

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  1. Hey folks had this posted before but wanted to repost to reorganize will get some new photos today once the sun is up :) Enjoy the show!









    IMG_20120802_073313.jpg [/ATTACH]
  2. Here are a couple more IMG_20120802_073303.jpg




  3. Damn these outdoor gardens make me so jealous. Can't wait till I can have a plant or two of my own taking in the sun's rays.

  4. Someday I'm sure you will. I too wished for years to be able to do what I do now and jealously looked at others grows. But now I am doing it and it feels really good to finally accomplish my dreams. :) Put your mind to it and anything is possible.
  5. GOD DAMN! you got some monsters there haha absolutely beautiful
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    Thank you much I put a lot of hard work into my little patch. :) Appreciate the kind words. The secret is organics and lots of love.
  7. First grow right? Just kidding hahah. :p They look gorgeous. Looks like you're going to be rolling in green soon.
  8. Eleven years now and this is my third season out here in Nor Cal so yeah got some experience under the belt I guess you could say thank you for the compliments much appreciated I truly do this not just for my enjoyment and for my much needed medicine but mainly for others because seeing others happy and healthier cause they have my medicine is the best feeling in the world. :)
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  9. Some new shots I took today in full sun :)









  10. A couple more IMG_20120808_105822.jpg


  11. Yea buddy. Got some monsters under your watch for sure! Keep it up. I cant wait for the fun part to begin for us all!

    I believe organics is like hydro for soil! Its amazing what a healthy mix can do with just water!
  12. You know it mine are already flipping over now so the fun part is beginning. I do use a bit more than just water on top of my custom soil mix. I use actively aerated teas as well as some organic based liquid nutes from time to time. :) With how intensive they get growing never hurts to keep giving them a snack here and there and the teas help break down the organic amendments and I also spike them with a 50/50 kelp and bone meal mix with some high p guano and diotomaceous earth right before they start flowering. Oh and folair is good too usually once a week with molasses, kelp and fish during veg.
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  13. Yea I know what you mean. I dont make any aacts as I dont have a air pump. I have made fpe's and topdress frequently! I think I finally stopped all the minor yellowing that I had going on. Now to just stay on top of it!
  14. I used a new product this year called green trees and seems to work pretty good just watered in every third watering or so. They are based out of Chico, CA the company is The MJ collective. All organic and its a dry amendment based with mycos added.
  15. Yea I have some Earth juice and age old organics but I havent busted them out at all this year. Just my soil, fpes, and topdressing and water for me so far!
  16. Wow Richard, I don't even know where to begin. I've been telling my wife for years that we're moving to the emerald triangle just so I can grow plants like that. So the questions I have......1) How big are your pots 2) What month do you plant outside and how big are they when you plant 3) How big are the base of those bad boys? Like maybe stick a pop can or something next to the base 4) Do you plant one plant per pot or do you plant multiple plants. I've seen some big pots with single plants, but that one picture looks like you have several plants in one planter. And finally 5) What's with those pebbles on top of the soil in that one shot?

    And again, KUDOS to you man. What a great grow. Would love to know what kind of a harvest you get from one of those plants. You may not feel like giving that info out, but I had to ask.
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    Thanks for the compliments much appreciated :) To start I have 18 out there the lineup is as follows:
    6 one hundred gallon smart pots (chocolope, gdp, gdpxbb, moby dick, sour crush, northern lights)
    1 two hundred smart pot the big mama is the blackberry
    3 sixty five gallons (sugaree , and two Humboldt purples)
    6 twenty gallon (three monster poops, kalashnikova, exodus cheese, romulan)
    2 twenty five gallon (ak47, a-train)

    The blackberry was transplanted from a 18 gallon Rubbermaid on May 9 the rest were on May 23rd and the twenty and twenty fives went out early July. I will get a comparative shot but yeah they are some tree trunks and just one plant per pot just ls ted the fuck out of them to branch out like that so I get my nice uniform bushes. Those rocks are just that landscape rocks I used as mulch.
  18. Oh and on average you should get anywhere from three to five lbs per 100 gallon smart pot. So yeah should be doing pretty well for myself and the other two patients I grow for this year. Much more happy doing my own smaller grow last year I ran a 80 plant collective out in the hills was fun but lots of work.
  19. Good looking bunch RD

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