2012 December 21st...Doomsday

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  1. http://www.greatdreams.com/2012.htm
    Possible end of the world? or just a planetary, galaxy and global shift at the same time...seems kinda coincidental doesnt it?

  2. my opinion isnt that the planet itself will be destroyed but that we'll "evolve" into a different civilization, this wll most likely be when the illuminati takes absolute, blatant, control. kind of a "brave new world" prophecy.

  3. Thats also a possiblity i read somewhere that theres some sort of sun spot or something that will realise so much radiation that it alters our dna n helps us evolve. quit possibly making us closer to superhuman shame it wont happen in our lifetime though. :(
  4. Or maybe its a new beginning of sorts. But if thats true there will most likely be mass chaos before the beginning
  5. lol nothing is going to happen, does this remind anyone of the Y2K events or the 6/6/06 bull shit?
    Everyone is going to flip out until that day, and when nothing happens a new doomsday rumor will appear and it will start all over again.

  6. No Y2k and 6/6/06 were just random fears this has scientific evidence to back it up therefore making it more likely to happen, but im not disproving the fact that nothing could happen, cause thats possible.
  7. Its approaching quikly. Im not too worried....yet
  8. one of my best friends believe's this...but i sure as hell dont :p
    its obvousily some scam someone made up b/c the numbers look all cool w/ the 12's and 21's
  9. You should have put this 2012 shit in the humour section.
  10. it could happen...wouldnt be so humoureous then would it
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    It does? What scientific evidence is that? Please observe the scientific method if you insist on call it that.

    I know of absolutely no periodic documented event, which is even reliably correlated with this date.

    More so, I don't see how you can see this event as anything more than fear mongering and new age astrology.
  12. I would go with the movement as a specie to a higher level of consciousness, where everyone is ever present and realizes what truly matters in life. All the white noise will be turned off.
  13. Let me get this straight... people are predicting the sun will be in the exact center of the galaxy in 2012? Impossible. The center of the milky way most likely contains a super massive blackhole and if we were to indeed be there we'd be pulled to a very dense singularity. :)
  14. Nothing is gonna happen. Period.
  15. according to the 2012 mayan theory, its not nessecraily going to end, its the start of a new begginning. of a time of peace and tranquility, but judging this world .. i dont know...
  16. easy buddy, we all have our own opinions on things.
  17. The mean relative to the Galactic plane. Astrologists never get it right when they try to talk about actual astrophysical events.
  18. i'm gonna be rolling balls when this shit goes down. gotta throw a crazy end of the world party haha.
  19. You know how cool it would be to see the end of the world! It would only suck if you couldn't see it and just died without any warning. But watching some huge meteor headed for earth on the news or something would be a cool experience to actually see it enter the atmosphere on its way to destroy you.

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