2011Mega Guerilla Patch

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  1. Hello peeps im new to Grasscity but a veteran in the pot trade. Ive been growing for many years with alot of hit and miss years under my belt from rippers stealing the crop or deer eating the plants to the fuzz finding the spot.

    This year is by far going to be my biggest run yet with 8 patches and 80 plants in direct sunlight. Most of the plants are Texada Timewarp of which i have grown out 20 seeds and kept all the females. Grew them out and kept the best pheno's. I also grew out a few of the tw males which i harvested the pollen from for future breeding and gene stock. Ive worked with the TX TW extensively indoors to get a killer mother plant going from which ive cloned many many times already for this seasons outdoor.

    Im in a bit of a rush at the moment so ill be back later on tonight to write some more.

    Before i go though ill lay out a list of all the strains ill be growing this season.

    Texada Timewarp Phenos 1-2-3
    Grape Ape
    Original Romulan "Romulan Joe"
    Herijuana X Blue Diesel
    Cali Orange
    Morning Glory
    Hash Berry
    Cheeseberry Haze
    Maui Skunk
    Chemdog Bio Diesel
    Lemon Kush

    I have alot of freaking plants mwa hahaha:D

    Later tonight ill kick this thread off proper. Peace ooot A2L

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