2011BC Ashcatcher for sale!

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  1. Im selling my 2011BC ashcatcher that I used on my Olympic. It is a beautiful piece, kept clean at all times, and has a showerhead/mushroom perc. It stacks hard as hell in the tube and in pulls really easily. The Olympic itself is already really low on drag so you notice the addition drag added on, but it still makes for a beautiful, clean pull. I bought the piece not too ling ago off of Shane a.k.a. Toke Daddy Slim from the CCC420 youtube vids and probably over paid a little bit for it, but thats the past. I'm asking 150$ for it, but I am willing to listen to rational offers or trades. I'm being patient about selling it because I dont have a need to get rid of it, I just want to be able to buy something new like a micro beaker or a scientific bubbler in the same price range as I sell. Hit me up, private message me and ill get this shit set up!



    *Admins feel free to move this to proper place if needed
  2. You cant sell your glass on here. Also $150 is about how much they cost new

  3. Thank you. I already knew both of those, I accidently posted here. Thats why it says admin feel free to move it and ive already asked for the thread to be moved. And thats also why I said im asking 150.

    If you arent interested, please shy away from commenting in this thread.

    Serious buyers only also!!:wave:

  4. Nah I don't think you get it. You can't sell glass here, on GC.
  5. And also why would someone pay you $150 for a used a/c, which is what it costs brand new, when they could just go buy it brand new from a headshop
  6. You seriously cant sell products on here? Alrighty, I didnt know that. Sorry guys

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