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    Hello fellow soldiers. It's me and I'm back for 2011. A few of you may remember my grow from last year, but due to certain mishaps I wasn't able to update as frequently as I would have liked. 2011 is here though so let the games begin!

    Last year I grew Nirvana's White Widow and I could not have asked for a better strain. Mold resistance, vigorous growth, this plant had it all. I have chosen to incorporate a few Widow crosses into my strain regimen this year due to its superior growth in my area.

    This year's strains are as follows:

    2 x GHS Train Wreck Fem.
    1 x GHS Bubba Kush Fem.
    1 x Nirvana PPP Fem.
    1 x Nirvana Snow White Fem.
    1 x Diesel Ryder (Auto) Fem.

    1 x Female Seeds Fast Nevilles Haze Fem.
    1 x Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud Fem.
    1 x Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue Fem.
    1 x Delcious Seed Sugar Black Rose Fem.
    1 x Delicious Seeds Diavolo II (Auto) Fem.

    Thank you to dankohzee for the inspiration to grow the Train Wreck and BK. Thanks to OldPork for the White Widow influences. PPP is a strain that has top reviews all over and I have high expectations for this strain. Snow White is another strain I have seen good reviews about and caught my attention because of it's Widow ancestors. Diesel Ryder has the best autoflowering strain reviews I can find and I want to get some early bud around July. I also want to experiment with an autoflowering strain in my area.

    Grab a box of popcorn folks 'cause this is going to be one hell of a show! :)
  2. dude what happened to your widows? did you make out with a good harvest? those plants were killer man props:)

    great strain choices man. i cant wait to pop myself some tw beans as well.. you will love the PPP, she is a heavy feeder. good luck man subscribed:smoking:
  3. One of the two I 'thought' hermied on me so I chopped her, but come to find out the other one showed these little sacs too at the internode but never produced a seed one. So basically I cut one down for nothing. I still yielded a half pound out of the other Widow plus 30 grams of QWISO so it wasn't a complete disaster. The one thing I gained more important than the harvest was the knowledge. I feel I can do great things this year and look forward to watching your journal as well 70s. I will be here for the long haul this journey so get your forest camo on and lets do something special this year. :)
  4. Last season I used Fox Farm OF mixed with about 20% native soil (which is terrible clay shit). This year, however; I think I will go with OldPork's method and use ProMix HP. It is supposedly very good at draining water and incorporates mychorrizi for better root production. I think I will had some bone and kelp meals to the mix and extra lime, of course. Does anyone out there feel they have a better mix that may be less expensive? This will be cheaper than FFOF but it still hits the wallet pretty hard.
  5. After reviewing SubCool's super soil mix and a few other professional recipes, I have put this together:

    Soil Mix
    6 cubic feet Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 $80
    5 gallons Perlite $8
    8 gallons Black Gold Earthworm Castings $30
    5 lbs Jamaican Bat Guano $13
    5 lbs Algamin Kelp Meal $15
    4 lbs Peace of Mind Steamed Bone Meal $11
    1 cup Espoma Epsom Salts $4
    1/2 cup Dolomite Lime $4

    Please all the vets out there critique this for me! I substituted a few things from other mixes based on what I am able to obtain. The main thing I am concerned about is the amounts of all the fertilizers I am using based on 6 cubic feet of 'base mix'. Does anyone think this looks good or has any suggestions?
  6. After consulting with humboldtlocal over on thcfarmer, I learned that my mix would be too hot and he helped me critique it within range. Big shouts to hl, he is a growing God. The new mix is as follows:

    7 gallon Sunshine Mix #4
    1 gallon - Perlite
    1 gallon - Worm Castings
    1 gallon - Chicken Manure
    4 cups - Steamed Bone Meal
    1 cup - Kelp Meal
    2/3 cup - Dolomitic Lime
    1/4 cup - Epsom Salts

    This should make around 10 gallons of mix which will be going into a 10 gallon smart pot. I am very interested in the advantages of smart pots this year. Got some new seeds in as well as placed another order. I will post the updated strain list when all of the new seeds arrive along with pictures. Th season is almost here fellow soldiers! :hello:
  7. so what did hl say that was too hot in the mix? the amounts, or specific amendments?
  8. Sub'ed. We both growing Sugar Black Rose, Northern Lights Blue, and da Pure Power Plant.

    Great change on your soil mix between the two posts btw, I believe you may have gotten the proportions wrong when minimizing the High Times Soil Mix. Mine is pretty much the same ingredients from the mag, just in much smaller proportions. I seem to have Rock Phosphate while you have kelp meal, are these similar??

    Should be an awsome grow, when you postin pics?
  9. The proportions. I got a little off track when fractioning the amounts somehow. This is a revised version of Tom Hill's Mix ala humboldtlocal.
  10. Yes I got these free beans from the Attitude. I actually have high hopes for the SBR and the NLB. Both sound tasty and I do love me a good indica. :) I will post pics up of the plot in a week or two when I start setting up my greenhouse and decide whether I'm going to dig holes or use 10 gallon smart pots. I will post a pic of all the seeds once the last order comes in. Just ordered up some Next Gen. Grape God, Lemonator, and NY Purple Diesel.
  11. Just waiting on one batch now.. the stock is building up. :) Should be an excellent year.

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  12. Nice lineup man! I'll be watching! Looks like both of us are growing the PPP, Northern Light Blue, Il Diavolo, sugar black rose, Fast Nevilles and the WW x BB!
    We will have to compare our results bro!
  13. Sounds good so far man! Here's to a great season!:smoke: Oh, and that "nasty clay shit" is more important than you know! The trick is incorporate air and get it to drain ;)
  14. Goodluck to ya man, I got 5 of the PPP did you grow GHS whidow lastyear? I got a 5 pack of those also
  15. Thanks guys and I appreciate the rep. It has been 14 days since my order from the singleseedcentre has supposedly been shipped and still no seeds. I sent them 2 emails and they have not responded. I am baffled by this because I can't find one negative review on them anywhere on any forum so I am afraid customs may have intercepted my package. I am pretty pissed and worried. I did order guaranteed delivery though.
  16. Wait at least 21 days before getting too worried. It's that time of year, they could just be really busy. Then again I have never ordered seeds from that site...best of luck! Will be lurkin
  17. I've been to Attitudes Facebook Fan page and I se a lot of people bitching at them and they said there sorry for the wait, just so many people ordered that day there getting to them as fast as they can, also alot of people get there orders in before the tracking number even says it's sent out, i'd just be patient theyl come in
  18. Can you get a grow finished where you are of Sativa heavy genetics?


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