2011 super soil guerrilla grow adventure + more!! (pics !)

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  1. Whats up people!! Pull up a seat,and enjoy the ride. Feel free to share your experiences,questions , comments ,adventures of your own and anything else you feel like.

    Ok so my guerrilla grow has been in progress for about 4 months now but the way it started out was I started in doors .... Hardened off and am now in the process of putting them in their final home but not after countless hours and months and months of using satellite imaging to locate good areas to check on foot and trail blazing through the woods,marshes,bogs and rivers to find that "perfect "spot.

    The strain selection for this year is LSD (x3), super silver haze (x3), Holland's hope (x5), northern lights(x5) jack the ripper(x5), sugar black rose (x1) and jilly bean(x5) for the photo sensitive strains. The autos are lowryder x ak-47 (x5), red dwarf (x5) deimoes (x1). The only non feminized ones are the TGA strains (JTR & JB)

    Here are some pics of what I have going on so far i will update when I can and have been through some crazy stuff already but I cant tell you everything right now.. I need to keep you interested lol!!

    Anyway here are some pics of the operation when it started.

    heres a few as seedlings http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P2080558.jpg

    Heres a few moms i had under lights. http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P2080565.jpg

    here is my first attempt at cloning in my home made bubbler

    ROOTS!! http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P2230579.jpg

    heres a sneak peak of my James bond room im building...it will eventually have a fake wall that will be on rollers to slide http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P1260550.jpg

    the framing ...http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P1270557-1.jpg

    this is the chimney that i will exhaust the heat and smell out through a scrubber and out the roof. http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P1260551.jpg

    Now you see me....http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P1270557.jpg

    now you dont!!! :bolt: http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz287/aljc1970/P1260554-1.jpg

    The rolling door has not been completed as im still gathering parts but the clothing will be between the rolling door and the door to the closet its self.More to come on this set up as well!!

    So much has happened and I will try to post some of my story and post pics of my progress and failures each day. Growing in the most populated state in the US is not an easy thing to say the least. Hope all is having a successful grow of their own and feel free to post stuff of your own!! Until next time!! :smoke:
  2. Very cool little grow room. Can't wait to see that finished. I like stealth inside just as much as outside.
  3. Yeah man, me too bro! ill be keeping an active log on my progress. thanks for stopping by Hazyperspective!!
  4. Suuuubbbddd! awesome!
  5. Ok blades, so being the seedlings are are growing, and the spots have been found ...the carrying of bags of root organics needed to be done and set at each spot (12 at each). There was no way to drive a truck in there so i carried them one at a time 2 trips a day. It was freaking very difficult but a good work out!All the super soil was mixed at my house and carried back as well. Im growing some right in the root organics bag and adding more drainage holes. some will be planted directly in the ground in the roots and super soil.

    in order to get there i needed to go under a major highway!!


    this is the retaining wall of the river in between the major highway. Im going to put a few up here as their are no workers that work in here this deep.. just the parts closest to the roads. nice little foot hole to help me up too!!


    After going mile down river under the bridge it leads me to absolute paradise!!


    and ultimately takes me to my spot of full sun!!


    and their she is...the very first plant to get put out! allot more to follow!! she is 2 months old when placed out. She suffered a little bit of being root bound but she is sure to bounce back and will grow violently!!


    I will post pics of my other spots next time and the progress going on their. its 5 miles down river from this spot. Also their was some unexpected guest that i bumped into lol!! untill next time blades!! Lets over grow the government!!!:smoke:
  6. Damn you lucky fuck, its a marijuana dream land.
  7. jesus vaperman what a gold mine of a spot that is. your going to have some monsters bro! plants are looking very nice! here to a safe season. +rep and subbed:wave::smoking:

  8. Thanks 70's show!! Allot of time went into finding those spots. I have trail cams set up and haven't seen a soul except some cool animals that never seem to come across the river onto my grow side. I do have some ground hogs that live near by and was thinking of planting some tasty treats for them so they have no reason to eat my babies lol! Ill be updating regularly as allot of the things I have posted have already happened. Im trying to make it more like a story as opposed to the normal "journal" Take care bro and ill be sure to be watching your grow and applying some ideas that you have!:smoke:

  9. Thanks doobiesnacks!! it truly is a "dream land" not only is it my babies home ..it has outstanding fishing lol!!
  10. hey man where did you get your cam? they have some ones at models that looks like they will do the job. whats the range on those things?
  11. a real slick spot! me likeee :wave:
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    The crazy thing about finding this first spot you see in the pics is that it wasn't my original spot.

    My original spot was up stream 4 miles or so but was compromised when I came across a land surveyor.
    I had no problem approaching him as im always in my fishing gear and look like the avid fisherman that I am.

    he said he was just shooting lines for a small plot of land near by and that they wouldn't be building back here but I was freaked out regardless.
    All the months of hard work, planing and of course the time and money that was invested I was by no means going to take a chance.

    So what did I do you ask with 14 bags of roots plus the super soil I had a the spot?? I floated it down the River Marine Core style ...4-5 miles....Two at a time ...in my blow up pontoon craft to the spot you see in the pics of my 2nd post lol

    It was thrilling to say the least! Fortunately for me it rained a lot this spring and with the run off from the snow .. There was some serious river flow and depth that allowed me to do it. The first run I was absolutely terrified!! But after that it was just a shear adrenalin rush!!I wish now I took pics of that experience but to say that I was as nervous as a whore in church would be an understatement so pics were the last thing on my mind lol! i went right under that bridge that is in the pic in the post above. Tomorrow ill post pics of my 2nd spot and some more crazy pics of things I have encountered lol!! The one great thing about my spots is that its all connected by a chain of rivers and tributaries that i never even have to go on a road or even a trail for that matter to go from one spot to the next...granted ..its some serious hiking...but there is nothing i would rather do on my day off than spend the day fishing with no one else around ...going from my one spot to the next taking care of my babies and enjoying nature and all the beautiful things that god has given us. now you can see why the title is 2011 grow adventure lol! it truly has been a year i will never forget regardless of how sucsessful the season turns out! may you jars be full and always tasty blades!! until next time!:smoke:

    the 14 bags of soil was 12 of the roots + 2 roots bags filled with the super soil for a total of 14 ( i like those camo roots bags!!;) Tell me they dont know whats up lmao!!

  13. I purchased mine at cabbalas 70 show. my range is like 50-100+ feet depending on fog rain ect.... they work great but dont get the cheap ones.. i think i paid 90 bucks a piece for them.:smoke:

  14. Welcome cochese!! and thanks bro!:smoke:
  15. Ok blades i just burned some of my kick ass blueberry diesel and felt like posting some tunes. take a listen as its not rock,metal,rap but great stoner music with one of my favorite drummers Mr Gavin Harrison. it takes you on a journey that im sure every stoner would enjoy lol IMO:D Again feel free to post what ever you want, this is the good vibe zone!! enjoy!:smoke:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMGGE2AdGZY]YouTube - Gavin Harrison: "19 Days" Performance from Rhythmic Horizons[/ame] :hello:
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    I have my seat and my bowl is packed and am here for the season. HOWEVER! If I may, for our viewing pleasure here at GC and because we are all a little lazy, could you please follow these super simple steps so we can those beautiful plants on this thread? :cool:

    -Right click your image, select "copy image location"
    -Click on the image with mountains in the text box
    -Paste link you copied, and SHAZAM!

    The only problem with this is if your pictures like 2400x1800 you gotta re size it...but I think you can do that in photobucket :D

    I'm using the super soil as well and I am quite excited to see how much it helps. What base soil did you use for the mix?

    Edit: Scratch that last question, I am using Roots as well. Good shit right there. And your spot looks almost too good to be true. Like...you sure they don't come by and mow that shit down at the end of the summer?

  17. Thanks for the tip washedmothafuka !! im horrible with computers lol!! my base is the root organics
  18. Lol, posted and edited at the same time.

    And no worries bro, its a little more work, but it looks a lot better in the end :p
  19. Very awesome!!! Well thought out. And even better execution. I love how you got the soil mix to your spot. Fucking genuise man. That spot looks great. I hope you get some real monsters. If they all look like the one in the pic I imagine that won't be a problem. Good luck to you this season and happy fishing (wink, wink)

  20. lol just caught the edit!! the spot is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by swamps and marshes. normally i see a thousand tree stands but not a single one around here. not only did i have to cross rivers and tributaries ... i went through a bog up to my wast!!. wait until you see my next spot that i post tomorrow lol!! i literally brushed 50 ticks off me and i have a natural defense lurking around as you will see soon as well lol ;) Welcome my friend ill be sure to check out your grow in your sig!!:smoke:

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