2011 Spanish grow, Andalucia

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  1. Growing a selection of seeds that i have picked out of nice bud that i have smoked, plus one Himalayan gold from 'Greenhouse seeds', left over from last year.
    They all look healthy at the moment, they seem to like this soil mix so far.
    The Himalayan gold started off deformed, i dont know why, the rest germinated just fine. I let it grow for another week, didnt grow for ages, then flushed it a bit added a small amount of organic fert, it perked up a few days later and managed to keep up with the rest resuming healthy growth, great! Didnt want to let that one go, love the himalayan gold smoke. Will be posting more soon....

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  2. The plants had grown really really fast, it was amazing. The weather had been perfect for growing, no insects bugs or anything, all leaves where in really good condition with really thick stems. You could really start to see the difference in each plant, how each plant has its own formation of branches and leafs.. these plants are all unknown strains, apart from the one Himalayan Gold.

    All of this grow is organic, using organic soil, ferts, and organic methods of pest insect control, using alot of garlic spray during veging to keep bugs away. Have had problems with Catapillars last season, eating ripe buds and turning them into crap. This year i intend to use a mosquito netting to cover the plants when flowering, to stop them getting in. Will be posting more soon... More pics

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  3. This is the big one, its an unknown plant. I planted 2 seeds that i picked out of a stash. I started off with two of the same plant, let them both grow to about 4 ft, I could tell they where the same plant, they looked identical in growth formation, leaves exactly the same. I always let them grow together, in like a plant pair, they where good friends until i split them up..

    I had a Huge hole prepped up, I dug it round in the ground
    Hole measurements:
    - Width - 1.5 meters wide all the way round.
    - Depth - Half a Meter deep in the middle

    Sort of a bowl shaped hole...like a round crater, it was massive.

    I took most of the soil away, as i wanted to replace it with
    good nutrient rich imported organic soil. Or bio as they call it here in Spain.
    Its thick heavy clay soil, a nightmare to dig.

    No pics of the whole but i have some result of my work here..

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  4. Sorry but my camera isnt amazing, its a sony 4mega pixel, old now. Had another but got stolen, took much better photo's.
  5. Some more pictures from today, this plant just gets bigger and bigger.
    Ive had to prune the branches of the tree above because it keeps hitting them, its amazing. No sign of flowering yet. Just keeps on reaching for the sky
    Think it might have a mild Mg def, gunna sort it tomorrow. Im 6 ft 3
    and my hand can't reach the top of the plant.

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  6. I wonder how much this plant will yield. Ive never grown a plant this big before, i dont know what to expect from the bud as i dont know what the strain is. No signs of flowering yet, its still veging. This is todays pictures. Any ideas to how much this plant will yield anyone? its a good 9/10 feets. 6 ft wide??

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  7. Nice tree lol.i'd guess your gonna get a shitload lol.I have a few bushes going outdoors this year too.keep up the good work to get the best yield you can
  8. Yep that is a big tree. Nice to see stuff like that coming out of Spain.
  9. Nice...I love Spain. And you are in a nice area down there.

    Is it legal to grow?
  10. Im not really sure what the 'True law' is, but i have spoken to lots of
    different people about it, some say its ok to grow a few plants for personal use,
    and some say its completely ilegal. So im not sure about it.
    In every garden center you walk into here, there are big marijuana displays
    as you walk in, with like special Organic nutrients and soil and stuff.
    There are loads of grow shops round here, they sell everything you need.
    Even when you go into petrol stations, behind the counter they have
    marijuana leaf logo lighters, and flags and stuff king size papers..
    and they also have green marijuana shaped leaf car freshner that
    you dangle from your riew view mirrow, its crazy!

    I choose to grow plants just for myself and i dont think i am breaking any laws
    here. I like growing a few large plants, for my self. I appreciate the different varieties of marijuana and enjoy growing all sorts of plants. I think even if i stopped smoking weed i would still grow it anyway... just for the love of the plant.
  11. Some more recent pictures here of the big one.
    I hope it starts to flower soon, its been in veg mode for ages now.
    The stem at the base is real thick right now, like a fat bit of wood.
    Any tell if this is a Indica or Sativa? or both. Dont know what the
    plant is, as it is from seeds out of nice weed, do you think its
    Mexican, Columbian, Pakistani, African, Jamaican???? Any guesses to
    what type of plant she is?
  12. Where's the pic?

    I love Spain. I'm trying to remember if I took a bus or train down to Andalucia. Long trip... but we jumped from city to city. Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada... I should just forget the US, our country is falling apart. Our economy is going down the tube just like most European country's' economy. And I like beautiful dark haired women that speak Spanish :)
  13. Sorry my internet went down last night after that post and wouldnt let me upload any pics... gota go out now. When i get back i will post them on here man, got my older camera working that has 3 more Mega pixals! yeaahh.
  14. Here are some more pics of the big one.. Still no sign of flowering yet.
    The hole the plant is in was really overgrown. The grass from the lawn had
    grown right over the hole and had started taking roots into my soil.
    I didint want grass roots taking over my plants root system,
    so i decided to get the strimmer out and have a tidy up, bit of weeding
    here and there. Added an extra inch of fresh soil to the top
    as some of the roots where showing on the surface due to
    watering sliding the soil away.

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  15. Here is some pictures of my one Himalayan Gold plant left over from last season.
    From 'Green house seeds company'
  16. My smaller plants, chilling by the pool.

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  17. I grew this strain last year, didnt get to smoke any of it because all of my plants we're
    stolen by Spanish Gypsy's. It grew in a completely different formation to this year.
    Must be something to do with the way i pruned it, earlyer on in the season.
    Its come out very dense, and leafy very thick lush growth. Not much spacing between branches. Its 1 week into flowering and it STINKS.
    Real nice looking plant the Himalayan Gold. Think its a Nepalese variety, cant wait to smoke it.
  18. Yeah man Granada isnt far from me, its nice place up there. Lots of good growers
    in the mountains of the Sierra nevada range. Really pretty area. Spain is definetly the most layed back country for growing im pretty sure. Yeah, the women here are amazing...Need to get myself a Spanish girlfriend ay.. Although my spanish isnt
    perfect.. so it might be a challange.
    Everyones Economy is fooked atm it seems. Ive been getting paranoid that
    the EURO is going to completely crash and Spain is guna go back to there
    original currency.. the PESETA. That would be a good and a bad thing i guess.
    I know there is one town in the hills 100km away that has reintroduced the PESETA, to boost the economy.
  19. Wow man, you are killing it! Great job, that one that you have in the ground is an absolute monster. You better carve a few days out of your week when it comes time to chop that one. :)
  20. Over the last few season's, i have had problems with Catapillars.
    They eat fresh growing marijuana colas, and turn them into Catapillar waste.
    I have been using 'garlic spray' mostly, and BT spray. Which is a safer, natural
    bio insecticide, that targets only Catapillars. ( Bt only works by the Catapillar eating )
    I Have been spraying with both every 2 weeks. Garlic spray.. every 4 days.
    With a fine mist pump sprayer.
    You cant use either of these during flowering, it would ruin the taste of your
    marijuana and make it go bad....

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