2011 Outdoor Flowering Pics

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  1. Its that time of year, I want people to share their flowering pics from this years growing.
    Im expecting to see some nice flowers here on GC.:smoke:

    Mine are all starting to flower, all 24 are female, Ill get some better pics up later when i get back!!


  2. Here are some Autos kicking into action!!





  3. Lookin good bro!
  4. very nice plants, however i think yours are angelmatic (the more sativa genetic) aren't they?
  5. Hydro store said he was out of Angelmatic and had these new Devilmatic instead.
    Have they long to go before they look like yours? Cos they looking sticky.
  6. nice i need better seeds

  7. maybe the guy was wrong i mean they really look like sativas however they look really good i think you have another 2 max 3 weeks before harvest
  8. Tnx i appreciate the input. They are bout 18inches tall. How tall did yours get? How big a pot you using? Im using 12ltr pots for mine never transplanted just plant straight into 12ltr pot.
  9. Id like to see more people chime in here, surely you have taken pics of your babies, sry mature ladies.
  10. Heres a few from today. Autos. Keep in mind my this is my first try at this.





  11. Lookin nice Man!, Splash in a mix of your veg nutrients when you feed next the leaves look like the need nitrogen.
  12. They are in bloom and Im feeding them bloom nutes. Is this not what happens when they flower? I tought the plant doesnt use much Nitrogen when in bloom, and thats why it goes yellow, to use up whatever Nitrogen is left.
    Is this not how it happens in flower?
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    So I like the idea of this thread...but so far the only person to post bud shots in the OP....I'll change that ;)

    Royal Queen: Ice Feminized (~1-2 weeks into flower)
  14. Thats the spirit.. lets get this thread goin.
    Whats the strain cos it looks nice n big.
  15. I still have about 30 days before flower even starts. wish I could post some.
  16. Be sure to post when the time comes.
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    Here is what's going on in my peaceful garden...Everything is just getting started. Close-up is of inside my old crazy green crack clone where it bloomed in june and then reverted, now it is beginning to bloom again...maybe this would be a good hash/butter plant (?) Two strains haven't started flowering yet and have some clones I planted in July that are vegging real good still

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  18. Ice, my favorite plant out of the four. And the first to flower :D

  19. The greener your plant the more it will grow, no plant is suppose to turn yellow! yellow=dying

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