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2011 NJ Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by blowtreesgrow, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. So this year I am planning to grow outdoors. I am located in New Jersey and so far I have found an area to grow. I have a pond as a water source very close by. So far I dug a 3 X 5 X 2 hole and filled it with cow manure and humus, 2 bags potting soil, 2 bags topsoil, 1 part soil from the area.Below are the supplies I have gathered so far:

    10 Dutch Dope seeds
    10 White Haze seeds
    20 Outdoor mix
    40 bag seeds

    1 bag Miracle Grow Organic Choice
    1 bag Vermiculite
    Horse Manure

    I have very small pots to start seeds in, I have larger containers and buckets of all sizes ranging to 5 gallons. I have plastic black pots that tomatoes are started in and other pots to germinate seeds directly in the soil mix. I was planning on germinating outside in these small pots in may.

    Think this is a good way to go? This is my first grow so tips are greatly appreciated.
  2. im in central jersey, Im growing outdoor for the first time as well. when are you planting?
  3. Are you planning on planting all of those seeds in that one hole? I don't really understand what you are planning on doing.
  4. haha my bad i was really high when i posted that. I was planning on planting a few in that hole, and others in pots and 5 gallon buckets. Im not really sure what I should do, thats why I posted this. I already put in a good ammount of money, and want to make sure i do it right.

    i bought miracle grow organic choice garden instead of potting, is there any difference? Can I still use it in dankohzee's seed starting mix?
  5. I have done some guerilla growing. My personal policy is only plant 2 or three in one place. But I'm trying to get a pound or two per plant. Not a fan of miracle gro soil. What are you using to fertilize? In my experience plants get really rootbound growing in 5 gallon pots outdoor. This can and will cause problems. I have seen clones taken from the same mother plant. The ones that were transplanted into a big hole or planter where fine but the ones that were left in the 5 gallon pots hermed. Can you use what in dankohzee's seed starting mix?? Dude are you still stoned?
  6. You aren't gonna start your seeds in that miracle gro are you?
  7. Cheers to another NJ grower. I started mine already, I know its still somwhat cold but good weather is approaching quickly and temps arent too low. Good luck man all the best to you.

  8. Dankohzee's seed starting mix is 3 parts organic choice MG potting soil, 3 parts wormcastings and 1 part vermiculite. I bought organic choice garden soil instead of potting soil. is there a difference? they cost the same.

    I dont know what i am going to fertlize with, prob gunna pick up some 10-20-30 and mix in the hole. is that right? I cant remember which #-#-# to get...
  9. Miracle grow can be used for growing but it is not recommended. And I hope if you do decide to use it, you wait until the plant is a lot bigger. If you start your seeds in that soil, it will get nute burn.
  10. exit 100, wassup fellow NJ grower =) and to comment that would be really hard to take care of that many plants. It would be better to plant maybe 5 -10 and weed out the males then get a pound or so off each of them. If your not happy with 3-5 pounds of mary then o_O
  11. I was gunna start them in dankohzee's mix, then put them in the ground when they bigger and put some others in pots. what is the correct fertilizer to put in the whole or give your plants when they are in veg or flowering?
  12. You want to start with a fertilizer thats higher in N than P and K. The one you listed was higher in P and K. Sounds like something I wouldn't use at all so I can't help you there.

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