2011 NBA Champions: Miami Heat

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by SoulRebel23, May 12, 2011.

  1. its too late to jump on:wave:
  2. [​IMG]
    I dont think so
  3. Ahh shit he wants revenge.
    The only team I'm scared of right now is the Mavs.
    As much as I try not to, I keep overlooking the Bulls.
  4. I'm a Heat fan, but I seriously didn't think a title was possible this season (for sure next seasons though). But here we are, inches away from championship in the east, I can't see DRose carrying the team past Miami, and I don't think Dallas has the athleticism or OKC has the experience to beat us in a 7-game series, so this may be are season!
  5. Mavs are playing the best basketball they have in years and i hear butler will make a return for the finals. they are gonna be serious contenders if okc doesn't surprise us like they have before. J Kidd is gonna have a hard time with westbrook
  6. It's also too late to jump off.
  7. Damn. Heat got crapped on in every category. Bulls D is serious.

    Dont worry about that from me. True fan here. I'm from Miami and cheer for all Miami teams. Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Hurricanes.
  8. Hey I believe you, but you probably know, with the Heat these days it's hard to tell these days who isn't a bandwagoner :p but I'm glad you're a miami fan through and through
  9. to be fair, it's only game one. although, the bulls made miami look silly tonight.
    hate when people make premature guarantees like that. predictions are ok, not guarantees. this will be a long series.

    personally, i'm rooting for the bulls. if they and okc make finals i win big money.
  10. also, it seems as though chicago, miami, and oklahoma city seem like the teams poised to become the san antonio/boston/los angeles teams of this upcoming decade. basically, the 3 teams who seem to dominate every year.
  11. I wish I had TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. thats a damn shame man ^
    you gotta get with the program brotha
  13. Wtf who doesn't have TNT. Where do you live? lol
  14. Lol. You must of smoked some good shit when u posted this
  15. Don't know what happened that second half. Shit was tied up at the half, Miami looked good to win it I thought but at some point it just seems Miami gave up or slowed down.
    Bulls bench definitely did it's job. Bosh did his job (and went above and beyond I'd say), seems like it was Lebron and Wade who were off. That won't happen often though, we got a long series ahead of us.
    Bulls have got a huge advantage on second chance points and the Heat are gonna have to find a way to slow that down.
  16. Miami Heat fans are such frauds. they sicken me.

  17. my roommate is a huge heat fan and it's funny because i always give him shit about being a bandwagoner, but he really isn't. he's been a heat fan since we were like 12. as for most of the heat fans, bandwagoners.
  18. florida fans are frauds they are fairweather fans mostly for all teams cept the dolphins i guess

    5000 people in marlins stadium a night but when the marlins made the world series all the sudden everyone was a fan

    maybe they were yankee fans

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