2011 Late season outdoor pics?

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  1. Anyone else still have plants outside? I'd like to see some other growers late bloomers to compare. Have these late blooming sativas that, altho I'm sure they are not happy (cold and damp) , they look so cool and are still getting pretty huge buds. :wave:
    PS Does this strain look familiar to anyone? Dont know what she is, but would like to!

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  2. Shit yeah those colas look nice :)!!!
    I don't have any pics to share as my plants down here are still in veg ,
    But I hope some of my sativas turn out as nice as yours !
    Don't think anyone will be able to tell you the strain due to the many phenotypes a plants could take on , but it's gonna be a mad smoke for sure :)
    Well done bro
  3. I dont have any pics but my Tangerine Dream is at least a month away.
  4. Wow. Non of my sativas have ever had buds that big
  5. Letting the 2 girls have fresh air and sunshine today, supposed to have high 60's today. The cold sure has made them purple. If nothing else have some really cool pics! Last pic is plant when she was vegging...

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    looks like your growing in a greenhouse.

    im curious does it matter if you leave the plastic sheet on or off? wouldent the plastick block out some light spectrums?

    also i would check everyday for mold since you say it is damp and cold.
    acctually open the buds up or try to look in the middle of the bud cuz that where but rot starts from. lost like 1/2 to 1/3 off my best plant first time growing but did learn that if surface looks good the inside of the bud can mold and you wont even notice it.

    how many more weeks do you think is left? have you check the tricomes?
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    I made these little shitty(not very handy) tipis when we first had an early winter rainstorm in Oct. Ive had these girls in different stages of protection ever since then. I try to have the least amount as possible, but between the wind,rain and 30 degree night temps, they have been confined quite a bit. This week I should be able to have them exposed every day. I have a feeling the plastic has slowed the trichome development,but its just a feeling, as I am inexperienced. The crystals that can be seen in the close ups are the very first I have seen and its Nov.26 so they need to go 2 or 3 more weeks I would think . I dont know if they will make it, but I will not give up til I have to. Looking forward to growing this girls clones inside in the future. She has been an absolutely beautiful plant every step of the way:smoke: Wow didn't know that about mold, that the outside can look good but inside bad...I dont want to look to be honest.

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    if i were you i would al least put a small fan to get the air moving while the plants are covered. and DO NOT let the plastic sheeting touch the plants al all plz! cuz thats how i got mold on my first plant this grow season.

    i did light deprivation flowering. at the same time everyday i would cover the plants with a garbage can 12/12 light cycle. bout 8-9 weeks of that. looks like you have the space so i would build a greenhouse so the plants can be covered esily

    if you plant on growing this strain again i would use this method. start the plants early indoors and veg to a nice size and force it to flower around.....ehhh maybe may or june. this way you dont have to worry about your cold weather in the autum months.

    happy growing :wave: its so much fun :D

    i think you are right al least 3 weeks. a jewlers loupe or microscope is what i use to determine if it is ready for harvest or not

  9. I know I'm nuts, but it's dec. 17th and I'm still covering this girl every nite and watering and feeding...I figure it's probably a total loss anyway so why not?! Had the coldest stretch of weather for this time of year here that I can remember, 20's and low 30's at nite, 50s and low 60s day time,everday for a few weeks . Yanked this plants daughter a week or so ago and tryed making hash but there was nothing really so decided to just let her go. Has been some mold but whatever. This is my last remaining plant from my very first grow, so the experiment and learning continues. Good advice on the outdoor growing of this strain . I planned on only doing her indoor from now on but I think I will try your dark bag idea on a plant or two in LATE spring cause she had some huge colas that never had the chance to develope:( First pic shows the frozen fog thats still out there at 8 this morning...

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