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2011-2012 NFL Fantasy Draft/League

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Broosh, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Isnt mendy hurt?? Anyone lookin into tomlinson or shonn green lots of talk about jets goin back to the ground and pound?
  2. yeah, it was. but im gonna put some extra worth on Wayne for later in the season if Peyton comes back and if Painter starts performing well. he looks pretty good monday night.

  3. I'm in a bad situation with Mendy.. I basically need him to play. I have Matt Forte at RB1 with Ray Rice and Daniel Thomas on byes. In this league you can only have 4 RBs and there's a limit of 6 moves for the year (i've used 3 already)
  4. Mendy is sitting out practice for the week, I think. Guess he probably won't play or Redman is going to see most of the carries.

    Guess i'm rolling w/someone else :/

  5. safest choice is Maclin, I think. Vick likes to throw him the ball.

    Williams & Green could be good too...
  6. Think trading D Williams for Mike Williams (tb) is a good idea?

    I just don't know if Deangelo is going to do anything this year... 8 fantasy points is the most he's scored so far. It's sad..

  7. if youre getting mike williams then yeha do it. deangelo is finished in the league
  8. saw that yahoo leagues are still open to draft and shit so I signed up for a league :laughing:

    draft in an hour :smoking:
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    ive never started a new FF league once the first week has been played. it must change the draft like crazy. potentials, p.manning out, cj2k being a dud, so man variables. let us know how your draft goes.

    makes me wanna join another league. I obsess over my FF though. having a 3rd league would be intense, lol!
  10. Stevie Johnson(vsPHI), McGahee(vsSD), or Ridley(vsNYJ) as Flex this week?

    McCoy & BJGE are my RB#1/#2. I hate bye weeks!

    I'm 4-0 lookin' to cruise to 5-0!

  11. yeah i've never done this either.. I couldn't believe leagues were still open to draft this late. the draft starts in 5 minutes and everyone is on autopick right now :laughing:

    i'd roll with stevie, buffalo and philly is gonna be a high scoring game
  12. You guys think Victor Cruz is gonna steal Manninghams spot like last game? If so, who do you think I should drop for him? I'd even drop Manningham if needed, I think Cruz has higher upside at this point


    Don't laugh at my AFC west influence on this team lol
  13. Hey guys should I start McGahee or Shonn Green
  14. Greene has the easier matchup, but I'd ride McGahee until he loses his starting spot

    edit: I find the McGahee/Moreno situation funny cause I hella drafted McGahee thinking he'd take a bulk of the carries away by midseason.. didn't know it would be this extreme
  15. I can play Greene instead of Jahvid Best ... but I'm not sure I want to pull him
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    Willis for sure

    and leave in Best


    that new team I drafted


    D. Moore
  17. Willis it is, thanks guys :)
  18. this is getting fucking ridiculous...there is this kid inmy $$league who has made 4 trades so far (3 of them with one team) and he has completely killed his own team and made the other two teams WAY better.

    first he traded rob gronkowski, desean jackson, and jahvid best away and got santonio holmes, dallas clark, and matt stafford in return.

    he just made his third trade with another team, and between the three trades this is what each guy got:

    team a (stupid kid who keeps making these trades):
    benjarvus green ellis
    cedric benson
    marques colston
    denarius moore
    antonio gates
    eric decker
    bernard scott
    ben roethlisberger
    montario hardesty
    david nelson

    other team:
    ray rice
    larry fitzgerald
    jimmy graham
    tony romo
    devery henderson

    and we don't have a league voting system so now someone essentially has gotten romo, fitzgerald, rice, graham, and henderson for basically roethlisberger, cedric benson, lawfirm, colston, gates and a bunch of guys he picked up on the waiver wire. ridiculous.
  19. just offered this guy Rivers and Roddy White for Arod. lol his WR corp is in need of some help and i have Nicks, Bryant and Stevie Johnson still. :laughing:
  20. that's a decent trade. i think rivers is gonna get real hot the rest of the season and kill it.

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