2010bc: Ideas on additions to the piece?

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  1. I have no problems with the hit, but I think it should be built as amazing as possible. Anybody have any ideas on attachments? (Specific ashcatchers, bowls, etc.)
  2. whats that, an ice pinch slide? cant really improve on that. unless you want something worked or something. but you could get a nice AC, but that thing look like it has enough diffusion. not all tubes need ACs.

  3. was thinking the exact same thing. I would just get a nice bowl and then that piece is complete.
  4. I would get a nice ash catcher so that the bong doesnt get dirty as quickly. But if you have a high end bong, your gonna need to get a high end a/c so you dont end up adding drag. If I were you I would get a simple showerhead a/c possibly from ssfg on etsy. I was really impressed by the way their showerheads stack!
  5. do you have any milks of that guy

  6. yup i have a picture of my friend milking it..here:

    and also..thanks for the input guys. what about a carbon filter? since it doesnt need water the angle wouldnt really come into play
  7. It reminds me of all the new Sheldan Black pieces so it is legit as is.
    All i could say is just that bigger bowl.
    If you wanted to get crazy maybe a Inline Precooler could send that thing over the edge.
    Nice glass dude
  8. thats an ice pinch snapper, actually preferred by many people. not me though. i agree its too small. but its classy, works for the single toker, or someone who doesnt want any stale smoke/likes to snap his hits quickly.
  9. thank man i appreciate it. i like the ice pinch bowl just because you can pack up indy hitsa and you can tightly pack in a lot of nug and still have it rip. i like how the entire area where the percs are are completely transparent while milking it. the bong is a bit over a foot so its great size too.

    I think the inline precooler is a good idea...i just need to find quality ACs with the angled

    For some reason ive been wanting to try out a carbon filter...cant beat something without water and catches most shit..but i agree this piece is complete off the shelf

  10. youre right i do like milking it up and then pulling that bowl out fast and pulling the smoke fast. i love pieces that allow the smoke to shoot thru the glass like a bullet
  11. i like that bong alot. you could do an ash catcher or a carbon filter so the tube stay clean for longer, or a sweet new bowl but other than that i dont think you really need anything else, thats a winner as is.

    i would suggest spending you extra money on headys to smoke through it:D
  12. oh believe me some amazing bud i will never come across has been ripped in that. i was thinking the bowl looked a little small on the bong. You think a Salt would work? the piece is just clear so im worried a salt piece wouldnt go well
  13. some b/and/w J.A.G. decco slides could look clean as fuck on that

  14. haha youd have to fill me in on where to get that slide. id love to add to it
  15. only place i really know of is in brooklyn.
  16. what you think is a sick slide is entirely up to you, check your local head shops, check alt, chicokush, etc.

    my 2 cents.
  17. a black Salt bowl would be sick...similar to yours iCU. i check alt a lot for slides..not os much chicokush anymore...to be honest id love to put a sovereignty gridded downstem in the piece...but those are hard to come by alone unfortunately.
  18. you can get a showerhead from alex k, or look at the gridded ones buy brian, BC2010 on alt under d/stems
  19. word ill check those out again. thanks for the help guys. wish i could give u guys some rips outa it haha

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