2010BC a/c + GonG moutpiece

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  1. Has anyone tried the combo? I was thinking of picking up a gridded 2010bc bubbler, but seeing that I already have the a/c this might be more cost efficient. I'm wondering how bad the splash back will be. Maybe a bent mouthpiece will act like a natty splash guard?? Also, where is the best place to buy these online?
  2. Ok, so I found a lhs with a few. I'm going to go in sometime this week with my a/c w/ water and test them out. I'll post pics/a review when I pick it up
  3. I use my Name Brand showerhead A/C with a GonG bubbler arm as a bubbler almost daily. It might even be my favorite piece for the way it hits and it's portability.

    my suggestion: go out today and buy the mouthpiece. they are never expensive and you will NOT regret it.
  4. Sounds like your add too much water; you only need at most 1/8-1/4 inch above the slits.

    Also a/c splash less when used as a bubbler because there is a lot less drag.

  5. I put the water level SLIGHTLY above the slits and I'm still getting a little splash back.

  6. Yeah it rips lol. Try a slide with less airflow perhaps if you can't find a mouthpiece that holds back the water?
  7. Is yours a 2011 or 2010bc? I can tell you where the water level goes if the latter.

    And if it's a 2011bc, a mouthpiece (j hook) will be kinda annoying to use. The joint goes far enough down to where you can't hook a mouthpiece to it and be able to let it stand at the same time. You're going to have to take it off each time after your hit unless you want to lay the whole setup down sideways.

  8. Yeah I got a 2010BC. I'm doubting my 2010BC will be able to stand with a mouthpiece too. The glass seems to hang pretty low to the ground. If I can't find a mouthpiece that allows it to stand I probably won't go through with this.
  9. My Name Brand doesn't stand up with its J-hook and honestly it's not a big deal, You can lay it on its side very easily even when there is water in it and it won't spill. You get used to putting it down the right way. I say go for it... AC bubs are the shittt

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