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2010 Top weed smoking colleges

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Watsons27, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Any one have the list from high times? I looked online so don't bother looking.
  2. I'm surprised you can even get into college if thats your filter.

  3. zing and zing
  4. That was written in 2005...
  5. Searching for a college based off of pot isn't exactly the wisest of choices. How about picking a college with a curriculum you want or like. 99% of all colleges circulate a decent amount of weed unless it's in a Mormon area. And you are just as likely to get thrown out of those top colleges, just for asking the wrong people.

    But if NOTHING interests you, then I suggest a culinary school like the French institute in NY or culinary institute of America in CT. The high stress demands top notch weed and you get to eat your homework. Not a bad associates that you can then use to get a bachelors in business.

  6. Or a bachelors in Food Science.
  7. Yeah i am looking for 2010 i heard my brothers college was on it just trying to find out
  8. Like someone else said, don't look for a college based on weed. You are going to a place with thousands of kids 18-22. There are always going to be people that smoke. I go to a college that is more of a drinking school than a smoking school and I have no problem finding people to smoke with. I was worried about the same thing last summer but now that I'm in college, I can honestly say not to worry about it. The only schools where people don't smoke much are conservative religious schools and military schools. And even at those places, I'm sure you could still find someone.

  9. The CIA is in Poughkeepsie, NY :wave:.

    But yes, that list is more novelty IMO. I chose my school based on my major and how good the program was, I've found some dank weed here anyway :smoke:.
  10. Colorado dropped down to number 2 last time i saw one, but that was before i graduated HS in 2007 lol sooooooo who fucking knows now with all the MMJ
  11. JEsus CRist JUST tell me the fucking colleges I was told and i just want to know ok...

  12. ok man here you go, the highest colleges, are in CO, Cali, washington, and Oregon, and a few on the east coast, end of story and those are not in order at all. Im just 100% aware those 4 states are pot college land, i know CU here is lol....

  13. So I give you decent advise and all you do is whine about wanting to be spoon fed. You said you looked it up online and found nothing. Bullshit. I made ONE search on google and found not one list but several on the first page alone. Here ya go college board top marijuana colleges - Google Search
  14. But to be honest guys none of that is what he's looking for. He is looking for the 2010 High Times top cannabis colleges. Not the 2006 one or any turned up by the search above. I tried a quick google search and really couldn't find it either.
  15. #16 SIRSOG, Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2010

    i dont think high times has posted another since they posted the 2005 one online. The one i saw in about 2007 was actually in the magazine, or could have been somewhere else, that was a while back lol

    It looks like this year they made a list of schools who are the most educating in the field
  16. :smoke:cant blame um for colorado bein number one
  17. University of Oregon at #4 that makes sense.

  18. yea man the op didnt ask for advice, if he wanted he would have asked. he just wanted to see the list.
    for some reason people assumed that he would be wanting to go to this college just because people smoke pot there.
  19. Prop 19 passes, this entire thread is going to be irrelevant, because the list will read:

    1. _________ College, California
    2. _________ College, California
    3. _________ College, California
    4. _________ College, California
    5. _________ College, California
    6. _________ College, California
    7. _________ College, California
    8. _________ College, California
    9. _________ College, California
    10. _________ College, California

    With _________, _________, and _______ colleges in California all tied for 11th. :smoke:

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