2010 Halloween Costume Brainstorming Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronik-Judge, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I've always wanted a gorilla suit. I don't know why. :smoking:

  2. my roommate has one. only the last time i wore it i got arrested.
  3. I'm either going to be a giant beer can, or an extremely huge blunt.

  4. I've thought about going as greenman but i think its become a bit of a cliche. i saw greenman everywhere cause of Always Sunny. or am i just crazy?

    any other color suggestions?
  5. Now whip it, whip it good.

  6. I was thinking T-Pain or Harry Potter...random I know but the idea of a big black Harry Potter is hilarious to me.
  7. I've been told I resemble Jim from the Office so I might go that route (won't work without a Dunder Mifflin nametag)
  8. a can of whoop ass haha that would be great
  9. I will be this for halloween [​IMG]
  10. oh i am SO dressing as towlie! lol
  11. Awesome-O

    2 cardboard boxes and some black tubing.

    Fuckin done...
  12. Pre-mature ejaculation, just tell everyone you came in your jeans
  13. omg im dressing up as a civilian and then going out to party and get drunk. My costume wins.

    Havent dressed up since I was 16, I believe there is absolutely for adults to dress up. Unless you are attending a themed event like 21+ Club Costume Event, then yea ill dress up.

    But other than that, F_CK HALLOWEEN CITY
  14. [​IMG]

    Sheikh's always have the best shit.
  15. Way to kill the spirit..........:(
  16. [​IMG]

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