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  1. Hello GC,
    This year i will be growing again. last year i started with 6 plants my dog ate all of them except one which turned out to be female.(boy was i lucky)
    This year i got start 2, ones fucked up and got tore up by birds buts still healing up. probably gonna pull that one. and i plan on starting like 4 more. i didnt take pics of the messed up one but will go back and take some more once my neighbor goes backin insede from cutting grass( if u were wondering i live right next to a dea officer) andin the past i had him ask my mom what i was growing and she had to play it off) :Dthanks to a cool mom! alright back to subject. as far as nutes go i use a miracle grow all purpose plant food but its not miracle grow its called expert gardener i believe..... i have no ph tester. i checked every farm place and garden store in my town n none of them seem to know where i can find one....wow. i didnt use one last year and had a decent harvest that was better than none and i gave away half to friends so they could try and they were pleased. last year i didnt use a ph tester n got by ok. but i am planning on picking up some when i can find a time in my busy schedule.
    anyways i'll shut up and here's a couple pics. let me know what you think.
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    As you can see some leaves are missing on the lower branches.
    That is because eith birds attack it or it was my dog again>
    Oh well seems to be doing well
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    please feel free to post.
    Also i want to top it but am not sure how and i cant find any good threads that give a good description so help or a link would be greatly appreciated.
    Until the update take Care and Happy Toking GC!!!!
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    Aight it was safe to go outside.:p
    Took some pics of the messed up one
    it seems the bird who ate it actually topped it( i think)
    not sure if it will pull through or not so gonna let it keep going just to see what it does.
    anyways more pics.


    the last pic is the view the dea has to see the plants but i dont plan on keeping them at my house this year(just in case) I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I UPLOADED THE PIC BUT WHATEVER ENJOY GUYS N GIRLS of GC!
  6. Nice man. How old are they.
  7. They are 3 weeks old and the one thats messed up has been like that since week 2.
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  9. well sadly i went out today to check on the healthy plant only to find out that some leaves are missin again and its really starting to piss me off. i need to go buy some chicken wire or something.will post pics when i have time
  10. My plant is probally 3 weeks old and is still a small little sprout. Also it rained and now the stem is bent. What am I doing wrong?
  11. do you have a link to your thread(if you started one) IF SO POST IT HERE SO I CAN LOOK.:)
  12. This is the one that was bit by birds. healing slowly but still coming along.(note this is just a experiment)





    I will be starting more once i get some more seeds worth planting.
  13. I have little experience with growing. I never started a thread or took any pics. They pretty much sprouted, stretched, and died. Over the coarse of a month. Like 4 inch sprouts lol.

    But your plants are looking kinda rough. I would add some nutes to get those babys healthy.
  14. im using nutes at the moment. its something like miracle grow but not miracle grow. i would never use that stuff(its not healthy for them) but i believe the reason they are lookin rough is cause of the birds. some birds starting attackin the big one at the 3rd node so i took measures to keep them out.
  15. Put the plants in a plant cage like you have and they should be safe from birds. I also heard that wrapping some tinfoil around the stem of the plant near the bottom will help prevent cutworms from eating your plants. I would do reasearch on this though. If you have a good spot where you are growing them, I would suggest you start a few more plants just incase these dont work out before the season is over.

    Or put a scarecrow right next to your plants. Or a bird feeder a little farther from the plants so they get distracted byt the birdseed and dont attack your plants.
  16. Thanks for the advice. Tinfoil you say? i will have to look this up. i plan to start more once i get some more seeds. i lost all the bagseed(s) i had : ( but thanks for the advice +rep
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    Thanks for the rep man. It seems to be just be on your thread haha. I just want you to have a succsessfull grow. I have failed at my attempt to grow. I still have a chance to try again, but I dont have any place to grow thats my problem.

    It seems like you have a nice place for your plants and if you care for them right you will succeed in growing your own pot. Id love to see you harvest your own buds. Cant remember if you said this was your first grow, but either way I can tell you care about your plants.

    Also, you have probally reasearched LST growing and whatnot. But, I suggest you try to tie the plants down as much as you can without breaking the stem. They might be a little tall to start lst now, but its worth a shot. I will find the link for lst growing and post it here.

    edit: Here ya go. http://forum.grasscity.com/advanced-growing-techniques/122936-how-lst-low-stress-training.html
  18. yeah this will be my second grow. my first grow was posted on cannabisculture.com until i moved to grasscity. about the LST. i will give it a try since im gettin some more seeds soon but i topped the big one today so i'll give it a few days to recover and start LST. i shouldnt have any problems using both methods right? i actually read the Lst thread today lol

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