2010 forest festival

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  1. Hey guys I would like to welcome you to my 2010 Forest festival. Since your probably wondering what im talking about ill explain to you what im doing. What i do is start my babys off in my home made grow box. I put them through a rigorous 2 week training camp to promote strong candidates. Then once there complete with training i move them into 5 gal pots and off they go to scattered locations through out my secret forest. As of right now i have 2 candidates in the forest and 10 more are germinating right now. I plan on having 10 plants for the summer.

    Here are some pictures

    Heres a pic of the two that are in the forest now, about 1 week old
    Imageshack - photo0139r.jpg

    My training camp
    Imageshack - photo0140.jpg

    The team of two in there spot, been raining for a while, day 15
    Imageshack - photo0143z.jpg

    Forcast is rain rain rain for the next couple days so i built my girls a little protection, whatcha think?


    Ill post pics of the next group once there in camp

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