2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

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  1. Has anybody checked out this truck? I've never really cared for Ford automobiles but this is one bad ass truck. It has a 6.2 liter V8 putting out 411 hp and 434 lb/ft of torque. It's built to be an off-road beast with 35" tires and 12 inches of travel in the suspension, and it has 4:10 gears. On top off all the off-road features, it has does 0-60 in 8.4 seconds, which isn't bad for a big ass truck like that. What do you guys think about it?
  2. I think it looks like a pretty bad-ass truck with some decent features, but unfortunately, much like many of the high-end Ford truck line, it's probably WAY overpriced.

    I also pray I don't have to slap the asshat who buys one of these and puts low-profile street tires on it...:D
  3. being my dad works for ford in one of the f series plants i get all kinds of good info.
    it's a great truck meant for off road racing, which i think only 4% of the people that will buy this truck will do. but the tranny cannot keep up with the load and breaks. i haven't heard if they are planning a new trans or not but i figure why build a brand new engine and not a good trans to match it?

    but driving the 5.4 version was ok. it was like driving another f-150 only it was wider.
  4. my dodge 2500 diesel had a 0-60 of 6.4-6.5
  5. And it needed twin turbos to get there and ran out of revs at probably 4-4.5k, and likely had a 4 speec automatic.

    Apples to oranges my friend.
  6. Walking down this canyon blaze it spot where most my buddies cars are meant to go.. at all... i saw one moobbbing haha was sweet. saw one getting my tbird tuned up at a dealership, these trucks are beast, i think it was like 40ish k.
  7. Took the words out of my mouth... I appreciate the Raptor because Ford is making a stock performance truck meant to go off-road and go mudding and trail climbing.

    I remember friends in high school that would just slap a chip in their deisel Chevy 2500, and because the chip allowed it to rev so high, it could beat sports cars. But why do you want a big work truck to go fast.. buy a sports car.
  8. not so much for mud and trails due to it's size. It's technically built around baja only.

  9. cause there's a shit load of places where they just aren't practical, but you still want to go fast. i mean where i live, to get to my weed dealers place, 4x4 is very helpful 6 months a year
  10. diesels aren't meant for 4 thousand rpms,DUH
    they dont need COMPOUND turbos either.
  11. 2010 dodge powerwagon is pretty good,not meant for baja,but for off roading trails and what not
  12. This truck has no legitimate purpose for the people who are actually going to buy this truck.

  13. 99% of people have no business driving SUVs but you see how much common sense plays a factor. This is America, we got shit no one needs and manage to still sell it.
  14. I've seen one of these parked before and I had to check it out. They come with lots of goodies stock. Imagine what they could do after some tuneage. Great trucks indeed.
  15. That would be really sweet for all the dirt roads around my place. I think it would make a good everyday driver for places with shitty roads. I doubt I'd take it off road often, when I'm off road I'm usually playing in the mud or rock climbing.

    I'm not sure if I like what the front end looks like, but that can be changed.
  16. such a sick truck, would definitely like one but not for the price, might as well get a used ranger and start caging and building.

    imo its not really for the daily driver on just dirt roads, even though thats what people are gonna use it for, if even. its built to be mobbed fast on off road terrain that actually puts the long travel in to use, definitely not a crawler or mudder imo,
  17. honestly if i had the money id buy it. solely because our road commission only gives a shit around election time. so all the cars in the family get fucked up constantly from huge holes. the only way to my house is a mile and half either way all dirt/bullshit.

    and i fly down it in my dads f150 sometimes. but i dont wanna go ruining that shit. i got bills ta pay.

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