2010 first grow ever, bagseed, outdoors

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  1. hey everyone started 5 plants on april 25 just havent gotten to starting a journal yet so im doin it now. i have 5 plants in 10 x 6 in. pots all bagseed. first grow ever just thought id give it a shot...
  2. These are my 2 best at a week and a half[​IMG]
  3. transplanted one. these are them at 3 weeks. got alittle cold so one is slow growing. ill have pics up of the rest once they start growing some more.


    This is my strongest plant below. i really hope its a female!

  4. pics dont work!
  5. Tokindaleaf, I'd love to check em out, wanna try uploading those pics again? :smoking:
  6. lets get up some pics!
  7. I am really excited. I think I might follow this one because I am growing for my first time this year too. Mine haven't sprouted yet but I think I will start my log soon.

    Can't wait to see some pics up man! Good Luck, Happy smoking!:smoking:
  8. sorry guys i hadnt fully figured out pics yet i thought i had it. ill get on that now
  9. here we go heres the 2 best last week. i have another update from a few days ago gimme a minute...

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  10. here we go got the rest up sorry for the difficulties earlier. first pic is the one that was smaller in the last update. second pic is the biggest one, third pic and fourth were the others that werent really growing after sprout but finally got a boost. these pics were from a couple days ago but ill have another update tomorrow. hope all goes well. good luck with all your grows!

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  11. Sexy so far.

    Take some pics of your grow spot, tell us about it and stuff man. NEED MORE DETAILS!
  12. its just an empty field near my house back in the woods. the soils really sandy so i had to use pots. but its pretty discrete no one ever goes back there. its a great spot and gets plenty of sunlight. checked last night there was some growth not really enough for an update but the one in the last pic got eaten :mad: . probly bunnies theres alot of bunnies where i live in mass. but whatever theres always gonna be some bumps in the road. im gonna go back in a day or two and ill have another pic update then. thanks for watching guys and good luck with all of yours :wave:
  13. well at least you learned something, next grow you gota try puttin a screen or something around them so the bunnies dont get em :) lol. Dude the squirrels were getting into my plants, so i bought some Marygold flowers and put em in the pots with em, ever since - they've been left alone, bug free - and camoflauged!
  14. thanks thats some good advice maybe ill try that out
  15. one month today! back with an update w/ pics. everythings doing pretty well and the 5th pot i never talked about had kinda died early and not grown at all but i think it might be starting to grow again so im gonna watch it. the first two pics are of the biggest one. the second two pics are of the next biggest. the third two pics are of the smallest one. and the last pic is of that one i had kinda forgot about that may have started to grow. one question on the biggest one its leaves seem like theyre kinda drooping. what would that be from? here are the pics...

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  16. your plant looks fine and healthy to me dude, her leafs are so big and heavy, maybe thats why they look droopy. also keep in mind - over watering may cause drooping, as well as to much heat/humidity
  17. yeah i think it might be overwatering, ive been giving her too much ill give her a break and let her bake in the sun a few days. thanks for the advice. i see yours are coming along great! i noticed you didnt top them. do you not like topping yours for a reason or have you just not done it yet?
  18. call it experimental, but i have a theory that not topping it while LST, will enable you larger bud sites, and more of them.

    edit: topping will also stunt your plants growth, setting it back, each time you do it.
  19. that's some good info. Does it make the total growing time shorter/longer at all?

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