200W vs 300W for 2x2 Closet

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    The other night I was cleaning my Hydrofarm CFL hood and I accidently cracked the bulb. It was a 125W CFL bulb that worked great for a 30 day veg cycle.

    Since I need to replaced the bulb, part of me was thinking just to upgrade to higher wattage bulb. However, the area I have for growing inside is only two feet by two feet. I want to germinate my TGA Vortex seeds and have them ready to go outside, into my garden, by the first week of April.

    The last frost date for my area is supposed to be March 16, which is today, so I'm already behind. I should of had these beans germinated and ready to go into the ground by now. :(

    Anyway. Back to my point. I need a bulb asap and I'm just wanting opinions on what I should buy. What do you think, 125W, 200W, 250W, or 300W?

  2. If your grow area is set up to handle heat well and it can handle a larger wattage bulb then go for a larger one if your not sure then stick with what has worked for you in the past.
  3. I had 2 300w cfl's in my little 1.5x1.5 area and soon I will have 2 more 100w's also. They don't put off heat that bad. And my plants loved the 2 300's by the way
  4. The more the better...

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