200w timber cob for 3x3 veg

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  1. so I'm gonna pick up a ds90 to use for veg(90x90cm). I was looking at these on timber grow lights and was recommended this by Dan, the timber guy on this forum.

    200 Watt Vero29 V7 Linear Framework

    The tent will be used to veg 4 and maybe keep a mother kept in the corner down the line. I'd really like to start here with leds and this ready made kit looks just the trick!

    The only thing is it states the coverage are as 12"x48". I'm guessing this is for flowering under.. He was very helpful with his response but a lot of technical terms and I'm not so technical :/

    So what Do you think of this for my needs? Comes in 4 flavours, the highest being 4000k so im thinking that?


    12" x 48" to 18" x 48" @ 12-18" above canopy
    PPFD @ 12" x 48" = 1190
    PPFD @ 18" x 48" = 785
  2. 200w square same price better coverage for you
    just how you arrange the lights. 200w is good for 3x3 veg and flower also for 2x2.
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  3. There's a 400w square but the 200w is just 2 lights so, liner..
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    I can link you a 3 cob vero29 kit for less if you're willing to build it. 3 cobs copared to 2 and $80 cheaper.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    I veg with 180 watts in a 4x4. That's with 2 90 watt fixtures though so the light is spread out.

    LED's are amazing at vegging with very little power. I'd rather veg with one of these in a 3x3 for less money and less power but they're sold out for a little while.
    135W QB LED Kit
  5. Ah I found the 200 square but it's 60 more and twice the size. Let's see what shipping is...

    I looked at them kits first when I was thinking about my lighting. But I realise i am completely useless at putting things together and rather not risk me braking it. So I found timbercobs. Good looking lights, good looking specs.
    If rather the 200 Watt Vero29 V7 Linear Framework
    200 Watt Vero29 V7 Linear Framework
    The budget expands everyday, I was gonna go with t5 for veg but I really want this to get me on the start with led's

    I will get on of these I'm nearly certain. But I have yet to hear how much delivery is to uk.
  6. Ok tbone, I've watched their videos and maybe I could Assemble one myself.. Just a screwdriver and stripper needed they say, no soldering at all?

    I'm so indisive! timbers 200w between 3/360 for there cobs.
    250W XL QB LED Kit
    is 250w but have to assemble myself.

    I'm waiting to see how much shipping is from both companies. Might be the deciding factor for me. Seems to be no uk retailers?

  7. You could use the 250xl. It's actually big enough to flower a 3x3. You can dim it for veg. HLG was very reasonable with shipping to Alaska but internationally is a little more difficult. I don't have any experience with the photon series they sell. It's different diodes then mine but I'm sure it's got great output because that company knows what they are doing and they wouldn't rate the coverage at 3x3 if it couldn't do it.

    I'm so impressed with the HLG QB lights. The brightness is unbelievable. I squint when I open the tent. It's literally like a bright sunny day in there. If you glance up at the light when you get out of the tent you have a grid of red streaks in your vision. They're intense. My plants have grown significantly in the 10 days I've had it on.

    If you do go with the QB stuff I would advise to go with their recommendation. The heat that comes off of these light is pretty significant and it's pretty apparent to me that you will need less watts of these lights then others.

    There's people that flower a 3x3 with 600 watts but if you put that much QB panels in a 3x3 it would cook plants. My 270 watt light makes my 515 watt next to it look like it's off. It completely overpowers it.
  8. no, there is a 200w square. 4 fifty, choice of cob brand
  9. The assembly of the QB panels was super easy. It cannot get any easier for building a light. I haven't built the rapid led panels but they have to be a bit harder with the thermal paste and all.

    With the QB kits the heat sinks come pre drilled for the boards. You open the heat sink and the boards, screw the boards to the heat sink with the supplied screws. You mount the driver to the top of the light. If you have a single board kit the output of the driver can plug directly into the push in connectors on the board. My kit came with the ends of all the wires soldered so they go in the connections good. If you have a multiple board kit the other boards just get jumpered with two wires from the first board so they're wired in series. The video is very clear about how to do this and the supplied solid core wire works perfect for jumping the boards together. The only thing left to do is hook the power cord to the driver input. The supplied water tight connector makes this a breeze with a screwdriver. That's it you're done. The quality power wire they give you even has a plug on it for daisy chaining another light.

    It took me about 45 minutes to watch two videos while I built it and do everything carefully first time by the book. Im not exaggerating that I could build a second one in 5-10 minutes.
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  10. If HLG wasn't so strapped for it's growing pains they would just build these smaller kit lights for people and charge an extra $40. They are so easy a chimp could build them in the back before they ship them out in so little time it's not even funny at an extra $40 a pop. People are intimidated about hooking wires up if they've never done it. Just selling the kits they're missing out on the building the light profit. These lights are so quick and easy to build because of their excellent engineering there's a bunch of money to be made assembling them for people if you could get a flat rate like $20 a light. I could build 10 an hour easy with powered tools and everything handy.
  11. Build one and sell it to me.
  12. So not worth it. You're talking double shipping charges. I'm not kidding when I say a monkey could build one. I'll be ordering another QB 260 when the parts come back in. I would suggest anyone who likes growing indoors and wants probably one of the best lights on the market to do the same. I'm so busy it took me two weeks to find the time to build mine. It's hectic around here right now.
  13. "My 270 watt light makes my 515 watt next to it look like it's off"

    I've been trying to read the differences in what sort of light that each light puts off. But I can't find nothing that I can understand. To me 250w is just that. So are you saying your 270 could keep up with a 515w hps? I would like some reading material if you have any, but it has to be easy to understand. Lately when I've been reading about light my brain fries and I move on..

    I like that it dimable to halfway. I want this just to veg now but good to know it can sale up. The plan is use this in veg and carry on with the hps until I save for proper led lights in the flower tent. I see a vid you shared about growmau getting 1.67 a w! Hps is what 1g a w. I need to understand how light works!

    Do these panels get hot you say? A part of my led plan was that they don't produce much heat so cooling would be much easier. Expecially useful in the summer months..

    The only reason I've picked this one is because it's the only one left in stock. I really want it up and running a week tops..
    I will be useing this in a 3x3 just for veg.
    The one timber recommended looks good but I wanted a reassurance it was adequate? And there 200 square looks like what I need but not sure how much the shipping would be to here. So we'll see.

    By the tbone tyvm, you've been a tremendous help since I started here at gc.

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