200w Grow box Having Temp/Humidity problems NEED HELP!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by G13DrGreeNThumb, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. i am using a 200w CFL Light in my grow box and when the light is off the temp is usually around 75 degrees and %30 Humidity and when the light is on the temp will go up to 90 degree but when i have the doors open in my box the temp goes to 85 degrees with around 20-27% humidity

    This is my box im trying to use ATM, im running the lights 18/6 and have my little fan on the light fixture and a big fan hanging above the fixture for now, the size of the box is L2'6" x H5'6" x W1'9" and i only have a 4" inline fan running i know if i had a bigger one or another one it would help but i need to try to fix the problem with what i have now, dose anyone have any suggestions

  2. have your air intake low on the ground, see what your air intake temp is. temperature for intake air should be 60-70f.
  3. are you using a passive air intake?
  4. Your biggest mistake is to have an open wing reflector.....My 600w HID In a air cooled reflector did not produce as much heat as 125w cfl in the open wing reflector . Trash your cfl get HID ( air cooled) = Less heat , more return for your hard work...

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