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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. So are you picking back up here or the bubble bucket thread?:confused:
  2. ive been super busy i still haven't rebuilt my grow rooms i have them in a temp veg room( basicly just a pvc rack with a 2 23watt t8 bulbs and as for the harvest ill upload the pics later tonight it was a total success unsure of the weight sale is broken but i have 5 half pint masson jars from each plant! the skunk smells nice and lemony and the afghani smells bomb! so thats 10 half pint jars total! at least 2OZ woot! sorry for the lack of updates

    but ive only watered the veg plants 1 time and i didnt even ph it they need to be waterd tonight tho so i well let u know !
  3. so first some harvest pix!!!

    wish i woulda taken more but next time!

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  4. ok so here are the vegging plants

    the blue widow had one of its top branches snaped and removed by accident and it growing into 2 separate branches LST is kinda just what i think well make it the most bushy

    Pics are as follows

    1. BW
    2. BW
    3. BW
    4. BD
    5. BD
    6. BD
    7. SB
    8. SB

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  5. Congrats on the harvest!!!:hello:

    Where's the smoke report?
  6. How much did you harvest?

    That's beautiful bud im so jealous.

    i can't wait to start growing in 2 years lawl lawl lawl.

    Anyhow, very nice. Give me a update on the smoke!
  7. i havent had time to write a smoke report but im really happy with my frist harvest!!!

    yeild was 3 oz not bad for 2 plants my first time !!!!! so i got a new light ! its a 6 lamp t8

    so woot pictures later today or tonight keep watchin!
  8. Update!!!!

    SB+BD / 20 / 35 / (18/6)
    BW / 36 / 51 / (18/6)

    my goal is to lst the plants until the fill the entire pot and then allow vertical growth

    they are under my new 6 lamp t8 rig ( only 5 lamps work, i seem to have broken one of the sockets some how?) each lamp is 32watt x 5 = 160watt? is that how i would say it?

    Pics are as follows

    1. BW
    2. BW
    3. BW
    4. BW
    5. BW
    6. BD
    7. BD
    8. BD
    9. BD
    10. BD

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    More pix!!!!

    1. SB
    2. SB
    3. The New Veg set up!

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  10. Nice Job!

    I like the T5. It'll treat you right.:D

  11. Actually its a T8 and I'm loving it! But the thing is its to big to fit in my closet so im gonna have to build a tent around it!
  12. i think i may have spider mites again any one know anything about those hot shot no pest strips? are they safe to use in a closet grow?
  13. Too bad about the mites, but the pics looked good. Those ought to bush up really nice within the next couple days. :cool:
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    i got some Fox Farms Don't Bug Me coming to take care of the mites. i know that i could just use neem oil to get rid of them but i really dont like the way that stuff smells and i hate mixing with water and dish soap i just want a bottle of spray i can pic up and use!

    i think i may be having a problem with ph or with nutrients with the blue widow! in my next update ill show u why!

    oh an i just orderd my pH pen and some black and white poly to make a grow tent!
  15. Quick update!

    OK so i thought id start with a pic of the bag of trimmings from the harvest (man i wish i took more pictures):smoking:lol

    Second is a picture of one of the lowest leaves of the sharks breath to me this looks kinda normal ive always had leaves closet to the soil die randomly

    Third & Forth are of the suspected pH or nutrient burn on the Blue Widow

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  16. Nothing but me and my plants in this journal:(

    i swear i dont bite:wave:

    I waterd them tonight
    Big Bloom: 10ml
    Grow Big: 10ml

    pH pen should be here friday:hello:
  17. how long til you flip the switch? the whole vegging process can be pretty dull, unless you have some trees outdoors.
  18. well i really dont have a set date on when i want to flower them im just kinda seeing how they grow with the lst. i dont even have some where to flower them right now my flowering room is still in peices
  19. oh! well then i hope you get that up sooner rather than later. hope you enjoy the LSt experience.

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