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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. Veg Room
    Blue Widow day 18
    Black Deisel & Sharks Breath day 2

    Today i fed BW plain ph'ed water and SB and BD got 3.75ml Big Bloom in a water bottle and ph'ed. Im folowing the fox farm soil feed chart.

    Heres some pix from the BW transplant and of the veg room and the new veg room and the new seeds i got!

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  2. The knats larve are in the soil mate...Until you get a handle on that you are in for a fight... Mix a solution of alchohol and water 50/50 mix spray the flyers with that, it wont hurt your plants but will take them out, then the soil is ur next issue...

    take some panty hose, and cover the soil, stretch it tight so air gets in.. You can water thru the hose... thi9s traps them fuckers and you can regain control,
    Another method is a 1" layer of sand on the soil but I have not seen good reults with that....The sticky traps that hang (sold at hydro store) work good also....

    Looking good man,...sry to hear the knats have attacked you...but if you dont do somthing they will get allot worse...

    Hope this helps mate:D
  3. Sucks about the knats. That yellowing looks like the normal yellowing on the large fan leaves. But, I could be wrong. I know the larvae eat the roots, so that could be what's going on. But again, I think it looks normal.

    Those seeds look interesting. Where did you get those from? Hahaha!:D
  4. Nice! I knew I was getting close to the 420 mark but, didn't realize that was going to be it.:hello:
  5. Flowering day 52
    i fed the girls last night im thinking the end of this week ill stop all nuts.

    • Tiger Bloom 20ml
    • Big Bloom 60ml
    • Grow Big 20ml
    • Molasses 30ml

    Veg Room

    Blue widow day 22
    Sharks Breath and Black Diesel day 7

    I topped the BW 2 days ago heres a pic of her before i topped

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  6. Things are looking good! Getting close to chop I see. I bet you can't wait to try those ladies out:hello:
  7. i really cant! lol im getting excited
  8. Veg Update!!!
    BW Day 23
    SB + BD Day 8

    BW looks like it is showing signs of heat stress (taco leaves) i moved the light up away from the top an inch or 2.

    SB + BD are looking great! Gonna need to get more light in the Secondary Veg room as of now i only have 2 4tf 23watt floros in there.

    Pictures are as follows:

    1. BlueWidow Side View
    2. BlueWidow Top View
    3. SharksBreath Side View
    4. SharksBreath Top View
    5. BlackDiesel Side View
    6. BlackDiesel Top View
    Oh and dont forget to check out my bubble bucket grow!!!! link in my sig!

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  9. looking good dog
    i know you would get more replies if you posted some bud porn lol :D

    do you know the genetics of the black diesel ?
  10. Yup guys i knew things were going to good to be true!!!!

    ok so a while back i got a bell pepper plant from home depot and it found it home in my flowering room! it was doing real good! i hadn't checked on flowering room other then peeks here and there. with the lights on during the night makes it hard to be awake while the lights are on! so when i finally did i noticed what looked like dust on the leaves of the bell pepper

    sure enough as soon as i looked closer it clicked in my head my worst nightmare! spider mites! they seem to be all over the bell pepper!!! as soon as i realized what was going on i took the bell pepper out of the flowering room and took some pix and moved it outside

    1 branch of the skunk was touching 1 leaf of the bell pepper and guess what! they made it on to the skunk plant!!!! :mad: BUT they seem to be confined to that branch i looked all over and saw them no where only on the 1 branch that was touching the bell pepper the afghani plant is completely free of them

    i have cut off nutrients and plant to harvest by this time next week

    all my other plants are being watched very closely and every 2 days sprayed with neem oil

    heres some pix of the young ones and there transplant Sharks breath and Black diesel

    i was too depressed to take any pix of the flowering plants maybe tomorrow night there still looking great tho


    1. Bell pepper in question!
    2. Bell pepper
    3. Spider Mites!
    4. Webs!
    5. Sharks Breath
    6. Root Ball
    7. New Home
    8. Black Diesel
    9. Root Ball

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  11. I got some hot shot no pest strips coming to take care of the spider mites and gnats. While I was shopping for them online ace hardware had them priced for $108.77 for a 12 pack witch had to been a mistake. Harvest is gonna be next Sunday.

  13. Tons of flowering pics!!!!! 25 so 3 posts worth! Harvest is in 6 days

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  14. More pixxxxx

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  15. BUD PORN BUD PORN:wave:

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  16. Update!!!!

    SB+BD / 0 / 15 / (24/7)
    BW / 16 / 31 / (18/6)

    Today I topped SB & BD @ there fifth leaf set just as i did with the BW. BW seems to only have grown 3 main tops and 1 tiny little top idk maybe i didnt top it right?:confused: so i applyed some light lsting to help the undersized top catch up! idk if u can see it from the pix.

    In case you lost track i have 6 MJ plants right now!!!! 2 in flower, 2 in Veg Room A(1 is my bubble bucket), and 2 Veg Room B along with some veggie sprouts and my octo plant

    Veg Room A has AFGC + BW
    Veg Room B has SB + BD

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  17. Come on people!!! No one reads this journal??? Look at those pictures and tell me what u think!!!!
  18. #98 stoned_bunny, Jun 30, 2010
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    I decided t add the 4th lst and i tied down the lagging top

    heres some pix

    not that any one is reading this but ill talk to my self i dont mind! :wave:

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  19. Hey man, great looking grow you got going on here, wish I had found it earlier!!

    I actually stumbled across it from your dwc attempt... I've tried the dwc myself, but am now hooked on ebb and flow. Looking forward to seeing you get that going again.

    Chop has to be coming up, can't wait to see the pics. :smoke:

    Also, have the carnivorous plants done anything for the insect problems? I don't get a lot of bugs in my box, but occasionally I'll find one or two in there. I love the idea of having a couple guard plants in with the ladies, lol.
  20. Hey! What's happening? Things are looking good over there. Chop is coming soon right?

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