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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hope all is well and you're having a good memorial day!:wave:
  2. hey man thanks for stoppin by! i had to work all day with out holiday pay :mad: lame! but what ever. happy Memorial day to your self as well!
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    May 29th
    Germination Update #2
    Day 2
    Temps :80.2F

    Blue widow was placed in a starter plug.
    SharksBreath has showed no change

    No pics sorry GF has my camera still

    May 31
    Germination Update #3 Day 4
    Temps :80.2F

    SharksBreath still no change
    The blue widow has broken grown! i woke up this morning to find her(hopefully) cute little Cotyledon leaves and a short stem were popping out of the starter plug! i turned on the second light in the veg room to prevent streching (200w) and i have a 4 ft 23x2 watt light bar in there also so plenty of light!

    Flowering Update
    girls are doing good and budding up like crazy! had some damage to the skunk while i was moving her around and the main stem kinda split down the middle Y of the stem so i put some string to hold it in place while it heals last watering they got just plain PHed water and today they got

    Tiger Bloom 20ml
    Big Bloom 25ml

    my gf keeps yelling at me to give the plants some sugar water idk about it has any one every herd of this?
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    Tons of pixs comeing!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!! Gonna be like 3 or 4 posts worth

    28 pix!
  5. Veg Room
    June 1st
    Germination Update #4 Day 5
    Temps :85.5F

    Sharks Breath still hasn't cracked, i think its a dud seed
    Blue Widow was placed in a plastic cup and placed 1-2 " under light bar.

    Clones Day 17
    Skunk was transplanted into a plastic cup and placed under the 200watt
    Afghanis roots still haven't shown threw the starter plug.

    Skunk clone and Blue Widow seedling got 30ml/g Big Bloom

    Germination Update #5 Day 5
    Sharks Breath seed is a dud, im continuing germination just incase
    Black Diesel seed placed in germ box


    1. The rearranged veg room.
    2. The Carnivorous Plants! (if u guys still care about them)
    3. Sharks Breath seed (dud)
    4. Blue Widow Seedling
    5. Afghani Clone
    6. Skunk Clone

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    7. The Flowering Room
    8. Different View Of Flowering Room(note the new carbon scrubber)
    9. View of the left wall of flowering room.(is this a good place for the Thermo?)
    10. New! Carbon Scrubber! and 170 cfm Inline fan
    11. Flowering room with curtain closed (note the hole on bottom left. Passive intake)
    12. Different view of curtain(note exhaust hole)

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    13. Afghani
    14. The only leaf with Problems(any Ideas? oh and how do u like my piggy pipe!)
    15. The best looking branch
    16. Afghani
    17. Tops
    18. Afghani
    19. " "
    20. " "

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  8. 21.Skunk #1
    24.Skunk porn
    25." "
    26.Only Leaf with problems
    27.Bud Porn
    28.Bud Porn
    29.Bud Porn
    30.Bud Porn

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  9. sure is lonely in this thread
  10. garden is looking good man... i think ur on the right track...
    check ur ph.. runoff also... that looks like some bad ph to me...
    on that one leaf...IMO;):D

  11. i actually have been neglecting checking the runoff cuz it was always the same never any change. i always ph my nutrient solution to just about 7 (i have the drop tester) and it usely comes out at 6.0 or 6.5 or some where in between
  12. What's going on? Just stopping by to say hi!:wave:

    Ladies are looking killer by the way.
  13. hey guys sorry for being slow with the updates not much is going on lol

    getting close to harvest ill post pix of the flowering room next time

    the blue widow is doing great! its 21/2" and is working on its 3rd leaf set!
    its day 12 for her (better be her)

    I think i should give her a name! make her my official baby....her name shall be...


    after a old friend (one of those girls you just wont forget):rolleyes:

    she has been getting feedings of
    Grow Big 1.25ml/pt
    Big Bloom 3.75/pt

    im following the fox farms soil feed chart and i have been using water bottles 1pt size

    the Black Diesel seed that i had germing didnt pop yet so just incase i started 2 more seeds another Black Diesel and im gonna give SharksBreath another try. this time for germ i filled a cup with soil (with holes drilled in bottom for drainage) and wet the soil till there was run off then placed the seed in the soil 1/4" deep and the taped a cup ontop for humidity,

    heres some pix

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  14. Looking very nice those buds are coming in good.
  15. Things are lookin' really good! Good luck with the germmin'. :hello:
  16. lookin daym fine boy,
    daym fine :smoke:
  17. ok so i know ive been behind with the updates again but ima do one right now Flowering and Veg so get ready
  18. Flower room
    Day 83
    Day 43 12/12

    Im having a major Gnat problem nothing seems to be getting rid of them! Ive been soaking the soil with a neem oil spray everyday for like 4 days now and it seems like there getting worse.

    Skunk #1 is doing great!!!! only 1 leaf with any problems!
    Afghani isnt doing to good tons of dead yellow leafs and some green leafs with only some what yellow.

    Watered them a healthy feeding of
    Big Bloom 60ml
    Tiger Bloom 20ml
    Grow Big 20ml
    Molasses 30ml
    Neem Oil 30ml
    Dish Soap 3.75ml

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  19. buy some hydrogen peroxide solution
    thatll kill those little fuckers ! :devious:

    it also aerates the roots
    just make sure its h2o2 and h2o with nothing else

    the adults love the colour yellow !
    buy fly paper
    or get some yellow paper and stick some glue on it for a diy feel !

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