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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. What do you mean super hungry? Is it showing nute deficiencies? Is it just kinda droopy/sad lookin? Is it getting pale? Has growth slowed/stopped? Does your plant have a health bar you can check? (I kid. But how cool would that be)
  2. :eek: be careful with foliar feeding :eek: I don't recommend foliar feeding, especially not during flower - increased chance of powdery mildew / mold, etc...(IMO of course) :smoke: I do hope it works out well for you tho. ;)

    The "light" from the HPS is yellow IMO, so once plants are moved from MH / flouro's, they tend to look kinda hungry just from the color the light gives off. Not saying that the girls are not wanting more nutes, just sayin' ;)

    LOL! That's cuz you posted in the middle of the night - for some of us. :p

    Let us know how your experiment has worked out. *fingers crossed for ya*
  3. if you do use foliar feed, make sure to do it when the lights go out! you can blow your light up if water touches it when its on, and your plants can burn. You probably already know all of this, but just putting my 2 cents in. Also if your plants look hungry, id reccomend a few gallon flush with ph adjusted water and then feeding with a corrected nutrient solution. good luck its lookin good.
  4. they look super hungry as in the new growth on the very top is looks lighter green then usual, coulda been my mind playing tricks i did smoke some Diamond OG lol

    i thank you for you advice! and yes i relized it was the middle of the night but i was hoping for any answer lol its all good tho!

    im pretty sure they'll be fine with the feeding there on i just wanted to try a boost or something lol i got a lot of info in another post asking about it

    in case u were wondering how the feeding went last night i awoke to find everything was fine! they look exactly the same :smoking: lol so idk what effect it had but it dosent seem to be negative

    ill grab some pix and upload them in a min

    Temp:77-80F(off) 85-92F(on)
    Watering: Every 3-4 Days (1/2 Gallon Each)(Distilled Water)
    Experimental Supplemental Foliar Feeding: 1/2 Teaspoon FF nuts per gallon *light spray*
    Nutrients:Fox Farms Grow Big (3 Teaspoons Per Gallon)
    pH: Adjusted to 7 (After Adding Nuts) Runoff: 6.0 (Afghani) 6.5 (skunk #1)
    Height:Afghani=23 Inches Skunk #1=20 Inches

    Pictures are as follows:
    1.View from out side.
    2.The girls together.
    3.The tops of the girls.
    4.Early bud porn from the Afghani
    5.Early bud porn from the Skunk#1

    Foliar feeding im gonna say was acceptable. no negative results and no obvious improvement. not that there was any thing wrong in the first place..

    thanks for watching everyone!

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  6. You really need to get the bloom ferts going on those girls. If using FF exclusively you should of been using the bloom only for the first 2 weeks of flower and then the Grow Big and Tiger Bloom the 3rd(now) and 4th weeks/ Then go back to the Tiger the rest of the grow. Use the Big Bloom also if you can.

    Here is the Feeding Schedule if you don't have one.
    View attachment soilfeed.pdf
  7. I know but i only have grow big right now. and im strapped for cash!

    my shopping list is this:
    1. big bloom. tiger bloom nuts
    2. 6" fan and carbon filter
    3. MH converision bulb
  8. Well at least you know then. I was kinda in the same boat. I fed them distilled water for a week until I got my Tiger Bloom. I had to take in all my change and get some. Luckily for the hydro shop I used a change machine first. I'm back to work now, at least for awhile. I should go get some Big Bloom while I have the money. Already have all the other bloom supplements thanks to a friend who decided to try something new. I think he's trying Botanicare if I'm not mistaken.

    All I fed them was the Tiger Bloom and I had no problems. I think it was like 17 bucks. You should definitely try and get that as soon as possible.
  9. I'm not really sure. My friend was using it exclusively for about 6 years and had really good results with it. I didn't use any of those on my last grow (Was making seeds) but I'm sure they would make a big difference in your yield.

  10. so what u add them to the water just like the liquid ones?
  11. ok so the deed has been done

    ive got my self some seeds comeing in from

    after looking at all my choices i decided to go with:

    Blue Widow x 2 Dinafem Blue Widow - Dinafem Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    Black Diesel x 2 Advanced Seeds Black Diesel - Advanced Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    and they gave me this extra for free

    SharksBreath x1 DNA Gentics Sharksbreath - DNA Genetics Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    Rocklock x1 DNA Gentics Rocklock - DNA Genetics Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    Sour Cream x1 DNA Gentics Sour Cream - DNA Genetics Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    all for $64.09
  12. Nice choice with the seeds.

    Yah, those supplements are water soluble. You can use them with soil or hydro.
  13. I watered the girls today..

    they got 4 teaspoons of Nutrients today little extra cuz they had the munchies!

    they sucked the water up so fast i didnt even have time to drain the run off by the time i got done testing the PH of the run off most of it had been sucked up so i just left it and then 10 min later it was gone!

    .....SOME ONE IS STEALING ALL THE WATER!!!!..... Ah Family Guy....

    I Ph'd the water to 7 and the runoff was the same as it went in


    sad news today! Most the Medical Marijuana clubs well be closeing in June! EeeeKKK

    good thing im growing!
  14. Ohh, that sucks! I know the the city of L.A. is going to have a lot of lawsuits on their hands. I read an article about that moratorium a couple of weeks ago. Not good for the City.

    I think the highest you really want the Ph is about a 6.8. I'd shoot for a little lower than 7.
  15. #36 stoned_bunny, May 15, 2010
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    well my Ph meter isnt that precise im useing the one where u drop dye into a sample and it changes colors so i can do 7 or 6.5 and they kinda look the same

    ive had no problems so far doing it to 7 so ill think ill be ok for now but now i know if its a little low ill be ok
  16. Yeah, i was bored.... like SUPER BORED:eek:

    Wanna know what i did?


    I had a few pvc parts left over from my old aeroponics set up i decided not to use so i
    MacGyver'd it into a cloner with 3 EZ-cone sprays in side

    so i set it up and took some clippings (well 2)

    one from each plant i took it from the bottom were the flowers were the smallest

    cut all the flowers off and cut the leaves and put it in the cloner Its day 15 of flowering

    fingers crossed

    regular non-Ph'd water in there

    heres some pix

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  17. Puttin in the work man! Nice job and those ladies look lovely ;)

    Thanks for all the help by the way :)
  18. lol building that cloner took me 20 min from the time i got the idea to compleation...
    i was sitting her waiting for my starter plugs and germ dome. then i smoked some bomb bananna OG *indica* and it hit me! build a cloner! so i ran around grabing random pieces and bam i had a cloner lol ill take a pic of the inside tomorrow and you well see just how getto it really is
  19. Haha! I forgot yo were using the Ph dropper.

    Nice work on the cloner. I'm sure the clones will be fine. If they make it. You can usually clone up to 3-4 weeks of flower. Not good to do but it's possible.

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